10 Things You Can Do With A Leftover Lechon

Having trouble what to do with leftover lechon from the party yesterday? Here are some things you can do with it!
posted on: Wednesday, October 29, 2014
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Well, who doesn’t love lechon, raise your left foot!

There are times when the powers of our appetite are overwhelmed by the amount of lechon served on our tables. Even our voracious visitors couldn’t completely finish it. Leftover is inevitable.

So what do you usually do with leftover inasal?

1. Well for starters, you can fry it!

Ting Kessel Garcia via Facebook

Pig skin is really the best for many people and frying it is one of the best ways to savor its yumminess. You can also deep fry it and use patis as sauce for maximum epicness!

2. You can try this one, Bicol Express!


For those who haven’t encountered this tasty dish, Bicol Express is a pork stew made from siling mahaba (long chili), coconut milk and various spices.

Want to try cooking Bicol Express using your leftover inasal? !

3. What about making Sinigang from it?


Just add various condiments that can make it sour like tamarind and vinegar. Sinigang’s sour taste is good for the cold weather!

4. If you have leftover rice…


It’s perfect to pair with leftover inasal! Fried rice with roasted pig!

5. Love vegetables?


Why don’t you cook pinakbet and add lechon to it? Yummy with a touch of healthy!

6. Do you have unused lumpia wrapper?


Just grind your leftover lechon and wrap it with lumpia wrapper. Fry it in hot oil and voila! Lechon Lumpia!

7. Or if you love pansit like me…


Isahog ang lechon sa pansit! Delicious and it can lengthen your life as what old people say!

8. Pinobre style: Mongo Soup for the win!


It’s usually chicharon that’s put in a hot cauldron of mongo soup but lechon would perhaps be yummier!

9. What about making an appetizing sisig from it?


Different cooks may have different sisig recipes. If you want to cook one, !

10. But nothing beats the good old Paksiw!


Its taste is just right, especially if you tenderize the meat well!

Just use your imagination and you can already cook any kind of dish using leftover lechon!