10 Obvious Things To Expect When Attending A Filipino Party

Ber months are a time when there are more parties than ever!
posted on: Monday, September 1, 2014
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It’s BER Months already!

How do Filipinos celebrate the advent of Christmas? More parties of course!

What do you expect when attending Filipino parties? Here are some:

1. There’s no invitation. It’s free for all!

filipino party



Even the passersby are invited. You shouldn’t be surprised if you saw someone with tattered clothes eating at the corner of the house.

2. Being invited to eat by someone you have absolutely no idea who.

filipino party invitation



He/She might be a relative you’ve never seen in years…

3. Overabundance of food!

filipino party food


From pansit to lumpia to kare-kare, just don’t overeat because typical Filipino parties serve oily dishes!

4. Rice is scarce, so don’t ever come late. Leave your Filipino Time behind!

rice cooker



You’ll immediately notice that the rice cooker is on. If you’re late to the party (like most Filipinos), you’ll have to wait for the rice to cook.

5. Children running around the house.

filipino style party



Because their parents are busy chatting with friends and relatives.

6. The host will insist that you need to eat MORE.

filipino party invitation


So you took three lumpias? No, no dat’s not enap! Here, more pansit por you! Oh, don’t porget to taste my delicious caldereta!

7. Paper plates.

paper plate


After they’re used, the paper plates will turn shiny because of oil.

8. Karaoke and beer always mix!


Filipinos do love . Expect hearing the same drunk voice singing the karaoke in the wee hours of the night.

9. Lechon!

lechon at a filipino party


What else? If you don’t force yourself to reach the lechon, you’ll be left nothing but pig skeleton.

10. When it’s time to leave, you can take home some food!

filipino party


Just ask the host and he/she will give you a plastic container.

Indeed, it’s more fun to attend Filipino parties!

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