10 Things that Women Should Bring to the Beach

Time to be sun-kissed!
posted on: Sunday, April 20, 2014

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Oh yes! Summer is here!

It’s the perfect time to have an escapade and hit the beach!

Aside from bringing lots of water and of course food, don’t forget to bring these stuff to the beach, ladies!


1. Sunblock


The sun is your mortal enemy on the beach. Dare to forget putting on sunblock and I’m pretty sure you’re going to curse the sun. Don’t forget your lips too ladies! Make sure your lip balm has some UV protection on it!

2. Hat


A day on the beach will surely be hot so protect your face from the harmful rays of the sun with a wonderful beach hat.

3. Swimwear


If you are planning to swim on the beach, clothes made of cotton are a no no! Wear the appropriate swimwear.

4. Tote Bag


Make sure it is spacious enough to carry all your stuff.

5. Sunglasses


If you’ve got sunblock for your skin and hat for your face, you should ! Wear sunglasses.

6. Camera


Capture memories on your cellphone, tablet or waterproof camera!


7. Flip flops or beach shoes

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If the sand is fine, it’s all right. But if it’s not, protect your feet from having cuts by wearing flip flops or booties.

8. Beach Blanket


If you want to lay down on the sand comfortably, you should always bring a beach blanket.

9. Towel


After cooling off  on the beach, have a towel handy to dry you up.


10. Extra clothes

Just in case you get wet, you won’t fret.


Are you feeling the summer heat already?