10 Things You Can Do For Your Mom On Mother’s Day

Make her feel like a royal. Let her be the queen!
posted on: Sunday, May 11, 2014

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Perhaps the most difficult job in the world is taking the role of a mother.

Moms take care of the family and their job doesn’t end.

They practically work 24/7.

So on mother’s day, give your mom a big favor.

Do something that will make her special.

Make her feel that you appreciate all her love and effort.

After all, mother’s day is just once a year.

She deserves to have something in return too, right?

So what can you offer to do for your mom on Mother’s Day? Here are the things I was able to think of.


1. Cook her breakfast in bed.


Mother always wakes up early and makes sure you are ready for school or work. She makes sure that you have breakfast before you go out of the house.

On mother’s day, why not cook a special breakfast bed for her? Do something special like making heart-shaped eggs or pancakes or cook her favorite sud-an. She will definitely love it!


2. Wash all the dishes.


Don’t allow your mom’s hand to be wet on this day. Spoil her! Even if it means you have to wash all the dishes scattered in the kitchen.


3. Do general cleaning in your house.


Tired of mom saying “Clean your room Dodong! Puy-an na nag halas imong cuarto tungod sa kahugaw!” Then by all means, clean your room on Mother’s Day. If you can still manage to clean the entire house, the better! If you are just plain lazy, you can hire someone to do the cleaning for you.


4. Give her a fat check or gift certificate!


Yep! Your mom is always the one who gives you allowance (except if your daddy is the ATM). Why not give her a check for a change? Remember the saying “It’s better to give than to receive.”


5. Send her to the salon or massage parlor.


Your mother is perhaps one of the busiest persons in the world. She may have dedicated less time to take care of herself. Reward her by sponsoring her new haircut or hair rebond. Have her nails done. Place nail art for more fun. Make her feel relaxed by giving her a free massage from your nearby spa. It’s not much but I bet she’s going to be very happy with that.


6. Do the laundry.


If you have a washing machine, this is just a breeze but if you don’t, there’s just three words I can offer you: divide and conquer. Separate whites from coloreds then attack!


7. Giver her cinema tickets or buy her DVDs.


If she loves to watch movies, buy her a movie ticket. If she doesn’t like the shows that are currently being played in the movie houses, buy DVDs of her favorite movies. Prepare some popcorn and let her enjoy.


8. Give her a day off!


As I mentioned earlier, a mother’s work does not end. Allow to her to rest by giving her a day off. Anyway, if you are planning to do number one to eight, you are practically giving her a day off already. Allow her to have the chance to do whatever she wants on this day.


9. Give her a bear hug!


If you can’t say it, just act it. If you truly care for your mom and you appreciate all that she has done for, you can giver her a very tight hug if you are too embarrassed to say “I love you” or “Thank you.”


10. Say “I love you!”


Sometimes, the best gift you can give to your mother is something that you don’t do everyday, like saying “I love you.” Although they are just three words, they are enough to melt your mother’s heart.

These are just simple ways of making your mother happy. Do you have other ideas in mind? Feel free to share it on the comments below!