10 Things You Can Do in Malapascua Island, Cebu For Free

Sun, sky, sea, sand, shore = HAPPINESS to the nth power!
posted on: Sunday, April 20, 2014

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If you happen to  be in Malapascua Island right now, I bet you are having the time of your life!

Did you know that you can fully enjoy the wonders of the island without even spending one peso?


I am not kidding!

Here are the things you can do for free!

1. Circumnavigate the island by foot.


If you are too lazy, you can ride the habal-habal and pay Php 100 per person.


2. Chase the sunset.

The sunset in this island is just breathtaking!


3. Welcome the moonrise.

After chasing the sunset, you can welcome the full moon if you are lucky enough! The moon is quite big actually.

4. Chill and play with the dogs.

If there was anything that totally surprised me, it’s this one. I never thought that the dogs in this island were very friendly!


5. Visit the lighthouse.

This is a great place to take wonderful photos!


6. Relax in the duyan like a boss!

You’re in paradise for God’s sake! Relax and chill!


7. Interact with the locals.

Your Malapascua Island escapade will never be genuine if you haven’t interacted with at least one of the locals there. They have beautiful smiles!


8. Grab some kinhason on the shore.

They’re free! All you need to do is search for them during low tide. You can have them as dinner or as pulutan if you are planning to have a drinking spree.


9. Feel the sand on your feet!

When we landed on the island, knelt and touched the sand.

It reminded me of Magellan and Columbus who were pretty eager to see land after staying for many months at sea.

Anyway, I just love feeling the fine sand on my feet because it makes me feel energized!


10. Swim in the sea!

Jonji Gonzales

Why did you even go to the island in the first place? To avoid getting sunburned, grab some some tables and you’re good to go!

Just to inform you, 80% of the island’s tourist facilities are now up and running.

Let us help the locals in bringing back their normal lives after Typhoon Yolanda (international code name: Haiyan) not by giving them dole outs but by helping their local tourism.

How can you do this?

Just the mere act of going to the island is a big help already. You will be paying the banca who’s gonna send you to the island.

Percentage of your pay will go to the locals who are in charge of the banca.

If you are going to reserve an accommodation to a resort, part of your pay will go to the employees which are mostly locals.

By the way, if you are going to post your photos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or elsewhere, please use the hashtag #MalapascuaIsBack!