10 Things You Can Do In The Office To Keep You Sane

We all have those days when we’re about to go insane while at work.
posted on: Tuesday, May 13, 2014
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Going insane from the pressure and stress in the office?

Me too. To prevent yourself from going nuts why don’t you do these things:

10. Drink tea


Coffee is too bland and mainstream. Take a sip of tea to relax your body.

9. Play a game with your office mates


Any game will do. Bring a ball to work and pass it to your office mates, or play a what-if game like “what if your pet cat and I would drown, who would you save?

8. Walk around the office


You’ll see some very interesting stuff like your crush talking to someone you definitely hate or your boss watching porn.

7. Eat snacks


At least you’re exercising your jaw and it’ll help keep you awake and gives you energy until it’s time to go home. A healthy snacks is just what your body need.

6. Call your best friend


Your best friend will surely do anything that’ll make you get your sanity back. Be it an insult, the latest bad news about your planned outing, or the spoiler of your favorite TV show, it doesn’t matter as long as you can talk to him/her.

5. Talk with anyone


Even if it’s the janitor or your nerdy office mate, these guys will tell you interesting tales. No matter who they are you’re approaching, make sure to talk with someone.

4. Visit some fun websites


Here you go, have  with you.

3. Stretch


There are simple ways to exercise your body while sitting. helps you cope with stress and improves blood circulation.

2. Take a nap


Take a light sleep but make sure your boss isn’t watching you. A short nap will help you regain your lost energy and sanity and it’ll boost your productivity.

1. Go home


About to really lose your sanity? Go home and call a psychiatrist to help you.

May you have a healthy time working in your office.

Don’t forget to eat breakfast. Maybe that’s the reason why you’re going crazy.