10 Things You Can Do On The Internet During Holy Week

You don’t have to go out to spend the Holy Week. There’s Internet.
posted on: Tuesday, April 15, 2014
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With the upcoming long holiday because of the Holy Week, may I present to you 10 activities you can do with the power of the internet.

With one touch of your finger, you can access billions of websites that provide you with anything and everything.

Now, you don’t have to go out this Holy Week.

In the Internet, you can:

1. Watch a Holy Mass live


provides a free live streaming of mass online.

But as the website says, live streaming is not a substitute for a mass. Only watch this if you really can’t go out.

2. Talk with family and friends


There’s Facebook and Skype to connect you with your loved ones no matter where they are.

3. Chat with strangers


There are sites that allows you to meet with strangers. What could go wrong? You might meet new friends online.

 4. Be up-to-date with your idol


Twitter keeps you updated with your idols – their schedule, their favorite food or even their wake up time.

5. Play games


There are many games you can play like chess and browser games to enjoy. You can even play the famous flappy bird online!

6. Read articles/novels


E-books are becoming a thing now. Download your favorite novel and read it on your computer. You can also read articles, be it news or entertainment, there’s many of them online.

7. Listen to music


You can listen to your favorite songs and covers from your favorite band. You can also record your own cover and upload it online!

8. Watch videos


There are millions of videos in the internet that you’ll never finish them watching in your lifetime.

9. Learn new skills


There are many online guides for you to learn new skills like cooking, gardening and carpentry. There are videos on Youtube that can teach you.

10. Create a blog


If you have nothing to do but there’s so many things you have in your mind, why don’t start a blog?

Your blog can be anything – make it your personal journal or advertise if you have a business.

It’s very easy to start one and you can possibly monetize it in the future.

The Internet is a powerful tool that helps you enjoy, learn and share many things.

Well, do you have anything to share?

Just write it in the comments.