10 Things You Can Do To Attract Luck And Make Your Chinese New Year Awesome

For me, this is the most wonderful time of the year!
posted on: Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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It’s just a matter of time when the wooden horse starts galloping into our lives. Yes, my friends, Chinese New Year is so near, I can already taste it!

The Lunar New Year is one of my favorite holidays. In fact, I like it more than Christmas and the regular New Year Celebration.

So what do I do every Chinese New Year? Let me count the awesome ways!

1. Eat nian gao or tikoy!

Chinese New Year


Your Chinese New Year will never be complete unless you eat tikoy or sticky rice cake. They are also available in various flavors. All of them are yummy!

2. Prepare 13 kinds of circular fruits on the table!

Chinese New Year


Duh! They say it’s for luck but for me, it feeds my vegetarian cravings.

3. Eat pansit!

Chinese New Year


I want to have a long life so I eat pansit, pretend my eyes are chinky, and count from 1 to 10 in Fukien. LOL!

4. Wear something red!

Chinese New Year


In case you have not noticed, red is the color that the Chinese wear when they have a celebrations. Let’s bring in good luck and paint the town red!

5. Roll some kiat kiat or coins inside your house.

Chinese New Year


The more things you roll, the merrier!

6. Learn new Chinese sentences.

Chinese New Year


That day will be about something Chinese so in order for me to blend in, I am planning to add more Chinese sentences to my vocabulary. Looking forward to say “My back is itchy,” “Where’s the food? I’m hungry,” or “Give me discount” in Mandarin and Fukien. LOL!

7. Give and receive ang pao!

Chinese New Year


Ang paos are red envelopes that you give during New Year. You have to put money inside them before you start giving them away to your friends and family!

8. Feed the lion and the dragon!

Chinese New Year


If these guys are not present in your Chinese New Year, your celebration is lame! If you can’t afford to hire the entire lion and dragon dance troupe, go to the malls or hotels. As for me, it is my personal tradition to go to Waterfront Hotel a day before the actual Chinese New Year. I watch the lion and dragon dance as well as the amazing fireworks at 9 PM. The ceremonies include feeding both the lion and dragon.

9. Watch fireworks!

Chinese New Year


They say that the noise created by fireworks drive away evil spirits and bad luck. Duh! I just watch it to entertain my eyes!

10. Jump for joy!

Chinese New Year


Yes! I jump because I am excited to fulfill my dreams! The future is so bright, it burns my eyes! The jumping has nothing to do with my height, although I honestly did super jumps back when I really wanted to join the Philippine Military Academy. I ended up exhausted after jumping and jumping. Now time to eat tikoy and replenish the lost calories!

How are you planning to celebrate the Chinese New Year, my friend?

Kung Hei Fat Choi!