10 Things You Can Enjoy Come UP Cookout

Guess what band gets the main show on this year’s event!
posted on: Thursday, October 23, 2014
Ralph Gonzales
Ralph Gonzales is a co-founder of tenminutes.ph. He currently works for projects and development - most especially for Tenminute Talk.

1. Jetlag, Batteries Not Included, and Band-aid

If you’re looking for a party, this band can surely set the mood for you. Composed of aspiring university students, Jetlag is an up and coming band that will get the party started with their fearless song covers that get rockers up on their feet.

(Batteries Not Included)

One of UP’s homegrown bands, this one started as a 5-member band who performed their first cover on UP’s Freshies Night 2010. They have been joining Cookout’s Bandahan segment for four years now and were even awarded as last year’s champions!

Rabbithole Productions, UP Cebu

And as far as alumni bands go, no one does rock-and-roll like Band-Aid. UP Cebu’s own rock band is famous for their comedic antics and outrageous costumes (barongs and boxers anybody?). They are veterans to Cookout for a reason: they always give everyone a crazy good time.

 2. Jewel Villaflores

Sweet and soulful, Jewel Villaflores has captivated audiences with her much-lauded original “Duyog”, which made the grand winner of VISPOP 2013. More than that, she’s also a talented singer-songwriter who can whip up tracks as good as she performs them.

Rabbithole Productions, UP Cebu


3. Wonggoys

This band of brothers have been singing together all their lives, forming their band in 2010 and playing around Cebu and even out of the country. Known for their sense of cool, they are sure to punch up the scene with their signature lyrics and feel-good tunes.

Rabbithole Productions, UP Cebu

4. Micmic Kindica and the Three-Legged Men

Starting out only this year during 22 Tango Record’s “Tono Tango”, this band may be considered new to the scene. But their “saxxy” music will be sure to get your jazzy groove on. Not only that, they have great chemistry off the stage too. “We’re a bunch of friends who want to make good music together”.

Rabbithole Productions, UP Cebu

5. Skankin Brews

This Filipino reggae band is equated with good vibes. The term “Skankin” is the act of rhythmically dancing to the tune of reggae/ska. Frequenting the happy jam spots around town, Skankin Brews want people to just get up and dance their music.

Rabbithole Productions, UP Cebu

6. Snubear

Formed in 2013, this five-piece band may be relatively new, but their take on indie- rock heavily influenced by synth and post-punk definitely gives them a nuanced sound that’s all their own, making them one of the watchable acts in the Cebu music scene.

Rabbithole Productions, UP Cebu

7. Foc Fashion

In a local music scene populated with self-proclaimed indie-rock bands, Foc Fashion stands out with their lyrical flair that transcends the norms of their genre. This band of longtime friends has been compared to the international acts such as Arctic Monkeys, but their playful rock-and-roll is uniquely Cebuano.

Rabbithole Productions, UP Cebu

8. Gestalt

Aside from serving good music, this band may cater a number of side dishes that can satisfy the hunger of your intellectual appetite. Verging on experimental genre, this is a group of socially-aware musicians who aim to create change in the world through music.

Rabbithole Productions, UP Cebu

9. Dama de Noche

This is an all-girl band that is musically inclined to gothic rock music. Talk about girl power! Founded by Chloe Veloso, the lead guitarist of the band, this group was formed and started to play songs on events and some guestings upon request.

Rabbithole Productions, UP Cebu

10. Urbandub

Need we say more?

Rabbithole Productions, UP Cebu


UP Cookout is an annual event held every August to showcase the talents of UP students through kantahan, sayawan, bandahan and rampahan.

Entrance is at P100.00 but is discounted if purchased on Oct. 20-23 at P90.00.

So bring your friends and see you in UP Cebu Open Field on October 24, from 6pm to 6am.