10 Things You Love About Christmas In The Philippines

posted on: Monday, December 16, 2013
Kevin Maglinte
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Christmas in the Philippines is always different and special. It always reminds you that you have a place in the world. A warm cozy feeling fills my heart whenever I remember the experiences I had.

1. The fireworks (No wonder Santa doesn’t visit us every Christmas Eve. So many things going on in the sky!)

2. The wacky carolers, with their cute style of singing

3. The grand sales that malls throw at you to empty your pocket

4. The midnight madness, countdown, and the noise

5. The Simbang Gabi tradition that instills the uniqueness of Philippine Christmas

6. The huge Christmas trees

7. The parol that shines like stars on the streets and at home

8.  The feast that just breaks your diet

9. The friends, friendzone, and specialzone that makes you smile

10. And the most special of all…the family, which truly defines Philippine Christmas!

Is Christmas something special for you and your family?