10 Things You’ll Definitely Miss In Cebu When You Go Abroad

I heart Cebu!
posted on: Friday, August 1, 2014
Kevin Maglinte
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Cebu is the best place to live in…

Well, obviously I’m biased but it’s just my opinion.

Anyway, if you’re a Cebuano – an OFW or just vacationing abroad – I’m sure you miss all these stuff from our home province…

1. The roosters crowing early in the morning. And don’t forget tigbakay

Flash Parker | Getty Images

2. The busy and overcrowded tricycle terminal. I really hate sitting on that small seat inside the sidecar.

Tom Cockrem | Getty Images

3. The candle vendors outside the churches performing the Sinu’g dance.

TORN | biagkensiak.wordpress.com

4. Cellphone stalls in every corner of the streets.

Tom Cockrem | Getty Images

5. The ready-cooked food in carinderias.


6. Ginamos ug Hipon.

Kimberley Coole | Getty Images

7. The street foods… tempura for the win!

Tom Cockrem | Getty Images

8. Riding a habal-habal or an overcrowded jeepney.

Tom Fullon | Getty Images

9. White sand beaches that are less than an hour ride from home!

10. And of course, Senior Santo Niño and the Sinulog Festival!

Tom Cockrem | Getty Images

Haaay… there are just a lot of things we’ll definitely miss in Cebu.