10 Things You’ll Notice When Pacquiao Has A Fight

It’s more fun in the Philippines when Pacquiao fights.
posted on: Saturday, April 12, 2014
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We love Manny Pacquiao. He is our hero, our pride.

Every time he steps on the boxing ring, the Philippines gets silent and watch his every move.

Get some paper and take note of what happens this Sunday when Pacquiao meets Bradley again.

Some of the things that will happen are:

1. Crowded venues screening the fight


Filipinos are really fond of boxing and Pacquiao’s fights are really blockbuster hits. If you plan on going to these venues, be sure to bring an umbrella ‘cause chances are, the venue’s already full and you have to stay outside.

2. Drunk people arguing about who’s going to win


Our fathers and their kumpares are fond of this. They argue like they’re professional sports analysts but they’re just drunk. Be sure to wake up your father when the fight begins.

3. Heart attacks

There are reports of people dying from heart attacks while watching Pacquiao’s fight. If you are prone to this, just stay in the hospital and watch the fight there.

4. Bets everywhere


If your father is a gambler and is bad at it, make sure to deal with it by betting on the one your father didn’t bet on.

5. A politician on Pacquiao’s side


There’s always these politicians who support Pacquiao as fervently as they support the Filipino people. No sarcasm intended.

6. #filipinopride


And there goes the flood which would drown the Internet every time Pacquiao wins. Don’t forget to tell your friends on social media how easy Pacquiao beat his opponent. But when he loses…


7. Aling Dionisia’s antics

screengrab from youtube

If Manny wins, Aling Dionisia gets a Hermes bag. Maybe she’ll also go to Bigas – I mean Vegas. Aling Dionisia’s supplication to God is so compelling she’ll definitely earn her Oscars if she goes to Hollywood.

8. Pre-fight anthem and post-fight concert


All eyes turn to the one who’ll sing the Lupang Hinirang. Whether they hit the high notes or if they modify the tone at the end, the critics are quick at it. When it comes to Pacquiao singing after the fight, he’ll just say, “It’s God’s well (that’s how he pronounces it)”. Win or lose, Pacquiao’s got to let loose of his stress and unleash his singing prowess. “Para sa’yo, ang laban na ‘to, you know!”.

9. Motorcades


This is our time to see our idol and ask for balatos! Make sure to leave your work and follow his motorcade, maybe Pacquiao will give you a thousand bucks or two.

10. Significantly lower crime rates


This is the best part when Pacquiao fights, the lawbreakers are having a break.

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