10 Tips For Foreigners Planning To Visit The Philippines

The Philippines is one of the best places if you’re planning on a vacation. Just don’t be too carried away, these tips don’t hurt to follow.
posted on: Friday, July 4, 2014
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Are you a foreigner about to visit the Philippines?

Here, take these tips with you:

1. Get used to the airport and don’t complain.


NAIA may be rated as the world’s  but I assure you the government is doing rehabilitation works. It may take a year or ten though.

2. Beggars are everywhere especially children. Don’t give them money.


They might belong to a syndicate led by a mustached guy like what you typically see in Philippine movies.

The alternative is to give them food. Minimum offer is bread, best offer is to treat them to their favorite ‘happy insect‘ fast food restaurant.

3. Don’t decline if the homeowner offers you food.


It’s customary for Filipinos to be very hospitable. Especially during fiestas, even if you’re already full, they would still offer you food.

Just pretend you’re about to puke to stop them from offering you more.

4. Get used to people staring at you.


It’s just common here if you look foreign. Some may even want to take a picture of you.

If someone wants to take a picture with you, pay attention to where they put their hands. They may lead to your pocket.

5. If you’re going to take a taxi cab, ask the driver to turn on the meter.


Chances are, he will ask for a fixed, much expensive taxi fare.

If the driver refuses to turn on his meter, just leave the cab. He will be forced to turn it on.

For the best Philippine transportation experience, it’s still best to take a jeepney.

6. Avoid public restroom.


Filipinos call it ‘CR’ or comfort room. Restrooms in malls are fine but public restrooms are another story.

There’s no tissue and public restrooms are usually very dirty.

Dirty is just an understatement though, public restrooms are like the gates of Hell.

7. If you’re meeting your Filipino boyfriend/girlfriend’s parents, don’t call them with their first names.

screengrab from youtube

It’s considered rude. Call them Mam/Sir.

And don’t forget to ‘bless’ or ‘mano’, that is, taking their hand and pressing it on your forehead. It’s a sign of respect.

8. Going to beaches is mandatory.


Here in Cebu alone, you can enjoy many alluring . You don’t have to go to Boracay to have the finest experience.

9. Don’t use your gadgets in open places.


I’m not saying there are a lot of snatchers here, but to be safe, don’t display your belongings in open places.

Most snatchers are very athletic and you may not be able to catch them. Call the local police immediately.

10. Don’t travel alone, especially to sketchy, dark places.

Yahoo Philippines

The streets are full of hooded gangsters and whatever beings who thrive in the dark.

If travelling alone can’t be helped, walk on the side of the street where the well-lit lampposts are.

The Philippines is generally a safe place to travel. Just use common sense and your vacation would always turn out great.