Throwback: 10 Toys From Our Childhood We All Miss

We need no electricity to play our toys back then!
posted on: Thursday, October 2, 2014
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1. Video gaming was cool even with pixelated graphics!

Family computer:

This is where we first played Super Mario Bros. and Pac-Man!


Brick game:

Tetris, for the win!


Every 90s kids’ favorite, Game Boy:

The most popular handheld toy in the 90s! At first, it was a bit annoying to play because you need a light source but it became much more awesome with the release of Game Boy Color!

2. Slinky!

Tim Ebbs via Flickr

We had so much fun letting Slinky go down from the top of the stairs! It’s like a real human legs!

3. Tamagotchi!


I never understood how this small toy works, but my cousin was crazy about this tiny gadget!

4. Plastic toy propeller!

We would compete with our friends – whoever’s propeller flies the highest, wins!

5. Pogs!

We played this game by making a stack of pogs and striking it with a single pog. Any pogs that were thrown out of the stack become yours.

We treated pogs like those “teks” cards. So much fun!

6. “Teks”

We call it in my place as plainly “baraha” (card). There are a LOT of games you could play with teks like “” and “apir-apir”!

7. Lastiko!

I was a terrible dampa player back then but I know some rubber band hand tricks!

8. Tirador!

Tirador (slingshot) is the Angry Birds of the pre-video game era. However, instead of birds, you use pebbles and instead of pigs, you aim at your playmates.

It’s more hardcore than Angry Birds because you can be hurt physically. No crying!

9. “Lego”!

Kami ang Batang 90s facebook page

I don’t really know what’s this called. Let’s just name this toy “Pinoy style Lego”.

We used to build spaceships and jets out of these. Though simple in design, Pinoy style Lego will always be the definitive construction toy for those who couldn’t afford the real Lego.

10. Tamiya for the win!

5th Luna via Flickr

Tamiya mini 4WD was popularized by the anime Let’s & Go back then! Tamiyas were very popular  – there were amateur races all over the town!

Back then I could only afford a low quality imitation of these toys, now I’m sad…!