10 Travelling Vendors You Can Find Along The Streets Of Cebu

These vendors can walk for miles everyday just to sell their products.
posted on: Thursday, September 4, 2014
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These travelling vendors always make our Cebu experience more convenient by delivering what we need to our doorsteps.

Who are these hardworking people? They are:

1. Bottled Water Purveyors

Flickr | Reyne N. Villena

Their monopoly has been slowly replaced by Automatic Tubig Machines. You can still see them around the crossroads during a red light and during an outdoor event here in Cebu.

2. Magtataho


A childhood favorite. Taho Guys tend to have a very good voice, on par with Balut Guys.

3. Umbrella Repair Guy

Marks Photography

Most of these guys also repair shoes. They repair items by sewing the broken parts together.

10/10 would make them repair my China made shoes again.

4. Mobile Bakeshop


When you hear the mobile cart’s fancy tune you know it’s time for a tasty bread!

5. Ice Drop Sales Agents

These sales agents always carry around them a small bell to signal their coming. You can usually find them on the beaches of Cebu.


Mothers always tell their children that Manoy Sorbetero’s ice cream is made of nasal mucus. 


I don’t care, I’ll still buy my favorite pinipig.

6. Fruit Ninjas


From rambutan to mango to oranges to grapes to lemonsito, there will always be a fruit vendor near you!

7. Rag Dealers


They usually flock in the middle of the street during traffic and sell their product to drivers. I wonder how they make a profit since a trapo only costs 2 pesos.

8. Takatak Boys

Flickr | Edward Anton Sasis

Their name is an onomatopoeia for the clapping sound their cigarette box cover make.

9. Keepers of the Corn


These vendors are experts in balancing their large woven tray on top of their heads. Their cooked corn is yummy too!

10. Balut Warriors

Connie Veneracion | feastasia.casaveneracion.com

They defend balut against bashers of this popular Filipino delicacy. They will coax you to buy one by telling you that balut can strengthen your knees and spice up your relationship with your wife.

Bonus! The Walking Tindahan

People of Cebu facebook page

How can he carry all of that!

Thanks to them we can have everything we want without travelling too far!