10 Types Of Classmates You Love Or Hate, #10 Shocked Me

Classmates are a big part of our life, they affect us one way or another.
posted on: Thursday, July 10, 2014
Kevin Maglinte
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Yup classmates.

They can be your best friends or become the worst annoyances. You would share time with them from the start to the end of the school year and some might even be with you since your first day in elementary til your high school graduation.

So I’m rounding up ten types of classmates you probably had during your wonderful years in school or if you are still studying, the classmates you have now or if you didn’t go to school or is home-schooled then I guess… I honestly don’t know what to say.

1. Everybody’s best friend

Yeah “best friend”

These guys can be genuinely nice or just plain plastic. They know almost everyone in the campus and are probably the friend of all the cool kids and the janitor and maybe your friend too.

2. Cool kid/Rich kid

If you give me that phone I’ll be your friend

These students will always carry their iPhones/laptops while strolling in the campus. They tend to have the cool stuffs/gadgets and always hang out with a lot of friends. I wonder why?

3.  The effing guys who never study but get high scores anyways

Ahh fuck you!

These guys generally don’t show interest in discussions but when the exams come these guys get really good scores. They are usually aloof and would have been part of the Top 10 if not for their laziness.

4. The guys who study a lot


These are the guys that are really interested in studying. They participate in discussions, nods their head along with the teacher, and answers all the hard questions even if they’re wrong sometimes. They usually become the teacher’s pet.

5. Daydreamer

Where are you know coz I’m thinking of you!

They usually stay at back row and show no interest in anything whatsoever. They just don’t give a shit about you, the teachers and their grades. When recess comes you can’t find them anywhere.

6. Students with A.D.H.D. (I’m probably one of this type)

Can you just shut the fuck up for just one fucking day!

These annoying dumbasses are always craving for attention, whether participating too much in discussion or making a scene just to get the precious attention they crave so much especially if their crush is around.

7. The assholes


These guys think they are so tough and bulky. They are alpha and aggressive. If you managed to be on their side like letting them copy your assignments or help them during exams (if you know what I mean), they’re generally cool and would help you if someone messes with you. If you’re against them, prepare to get bullied.

8. The divas


Birds with the same feather flock together except that they are not birds, they are effing divas. They group together and talk shit about someone you probably know. They are basically the bitches of the campus, they have new boyfriends almost every week and they rely on their charm to make you do some shit for them.

9.  The weird ones


These guys are weird, I mean, really weird. They talk about things that are beyond a normal person’s interest, making you wonder what the hell are they doing with their life. Their tale ranges from supernatural, obscure sci-fi and morbid fan-fiction. They usually act like they belong to an underground cult.

10. And finally you!

Yes you! The one reading this post if you don’t belong to any of the list.  I can never really stereotype you (maybe in the part 2 of this article).

Hey, did I miss anything? Well, don’t worry I’m gonna make another one.

Comment all the types of classmates you know. Who knows? I might  include it in the next article with your name on it.