10 Types of “Palahubog” Friends We All Have

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posted on: Friday, May 16, 2014
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When weekend comes there are always these friends of ours who’ll start their tagay session.

We sometimes find them annoying but Pinoys just love to drink and socialize.

We’re a happy people, right?

So here are the types of palahubog friends we have:

1. The perpetually drunk

Imgur, by reddit user fourtecks

24/7 he’s drunk or looks like one. His breath and body odor reek of alcohol. His passion is alcohol and there’s no way anyone could stop him from drinking one. Even his wife can’t do anything about it. Either sex or alcohol, he’ll choose the latter without hesitation.

2. The freeloader


The freeloader is always present and the first one to know if there’s a tagay session. He’ll offer his service of buying the liquor and ice, but never contributing money. Chances are, he’s just a tambay and never finds a job.

3. The alcohol savvy

www.fandomisinthedetails.com, Game of Thrones

He’s the richer and more sophisticated one. He’ll tell you that he’s tasted almost every alcohol you don’t know of. From Kulafu to Red Horse to Jack Daniel’s and every name of liquor stores and bars he can think of.

4. The officious offerer


He’s the official cupbearer. He’s the one who pours out the liquid spirit and pass it to the tagay sessioners. If he sees you pass by, he’ll offer you one glass even if you decline. Just say ‘No’ three times and you’re good. If not, just accept it anyway.

5. The noob


The noob can’t even last three bottles. He always gets knocked down first by the spirit of alcohol. He’ll lay down on the ground and sleeps like a child but snores like a pig. Be sure to watch him when he goes home, he might make the middle of the road his bed.

6. The sumsuman chomper

Imgur, by reddit user CaptainCheeseBurger

Yeah, he sits in and drinks along with his buddies but he’s more interested in the sumsuman than the alcohol. Make sure he pays the snacks himself or always pass to him the glass so that he’ll get drunk first.

7. The philosopher


When the philosopher gets drunk, he turns the casual conversation into a political and spiritual one. He knows nothing about philosophy, he doesn’t have a degree, but his stories are so damn good that if he were a priest, the people would surely stay awake the whole mass.

8. The musician

Parokya ni Edgay, Inuman Sessions Vol 2, grabbed from Youtube

He brings the guitar and sings songs from the 90s. Eraserheads and Parokya ni Edgar are his favorite bands. Even if his voice isn’t that good he’s there to bring the air of enchantment in the group. Make sure to get him drunk the last, he’ll continue singing forever.

9. The godfather


The godfather is the financier of the tagay session. He got his bulky seiko wallet, filled with credit cards and 1000 peso bills. He always asks if the bottles bought are enough, ’cause he’s ready to buy another one. He’s seldom there in the weekly session, so better make the most out of him.

10. The extra


He doesn’t really drink. He’s just there for the bonding. He’s your barkada, but he doesn’t drink nor smoke. He occasionally takes a sumsuman but refuses if he’s offered a glass. Don’t force him to drink, you might just wake a sleeping dragon.

It’s not bad to drink every once in a while.

We meet new friends and bond with them more in the tagay session.

What can you add to the list?