10 Types Of People You Usually Meet At The Mall

Which one on the list describes you?
posted on: Friday, September 26, 2014
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Going to the mall have become part of the Filipino culture. Pinoy men and women of all ages go to shopping malls, either actually buying a product or just out of leisure.

What are the types of people do you usually meet at the mall? Here are they:

1. The Alien

You will see a handful of them at the mall. Well, it’s not surprising since our country has countless of malls and they’re colossal.


In fact, according to this , the 3rd and 4th largest malls in the world are from the Philippines. Having malls close to a city and accessible to many is one of the reasons why tourists are attracted to come here.

Foreigners usually wear something different from an ordinary Filipino mall goer, ranging from a simple white sleeveless shirt to a ridiculously long skirt usually worn by sophisticated Asian tourists.

For foreigners: Just get used to people staring at you; it’s normal especially if you are a six-footer.

(P.S. Alien can also mean a non-citizen of a country, not just an extraterrestrial being)

2. The business people attending a meeting in a cafe


These middle-aged guys are having a meeting at an office – well, their office is a coffee shop, or a doughnut place. These guys wear either a formal attire or collared shirt tucked inside their brown pants.

These people don’t usually finish whatever food and beverage they ordered and they can take a looong time before their meeting is adjourned.

3. The Chick Hunters

These hunters usually wear a pair of tinted glasses even if it’s not bright inside the mall. The glasses hide their predatory eye movement so they look like not looking at you at all when in fact, they’re looking straight at your beautiful parts.

Chances are, these guys are harmless so if you’re a chick, just ignore them unless if you notice that they’re stalking you.

4. The Loner

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The loners are the serious type of people. You can usually find them at a cafe, alone at a table and browsing their iPad. They mind they’re own business and rarely talks.

Most of them are probably waiting for their companions who are always late for the meeting.

5. One Big “Happy” Family


There’s Mama, Papa, Ate and Kuya. They all look happy except for Bunso, who’s always crying and demanding these and those. How awkward.

The Family usually goes to church first, attending the mass before going to mall to watch a lighthearted movie.

6. The Hobo

Hobos don’t care about their appearance, as long as they could shop. They carry a backpack, wear faded shirt and jeans, which are intentionally ripped apart. They sport their unshaved beard and reddish eyes.

You might mistake them for robbers and well, the suspicion isn’t far-fetched since that’s how movies portray bad people.

7. The Freshmen Teens

These mall goers flock together, wearing today’s fashion like wearing a combination of polo and t-shirt, bracelets and plastic glasses even if their eyesight isn’t bad. They usually sip sweetened ice through a black straw (What’s the name of that beverage? Zabu?)

These teens are high schoolers or freshmen college students who easily made friends with each other. They often go to the mall not to shop but to attend social events.

8. The Boyfriend


No, you can’t find their girlfriends. The girlfriends are busy shopping inside clothing and jewelry stores.

The Boyfriends are usually seen tapping their smartphones, looking someone in their contacts to talk to while waiting for their girlfriends finish shopping (which usually takes “just 5 minutes”).

To girlfriends: Just leave your boyfriends to the nearest internet cafe, they’re better off there playing DotA than waiting on a bench.

9. The Mom


It’s easy to spot a mom in malls. Just go to the grocery section and they’re there shopping for food and school supplies. Moms are usually alone when shopping, since bringing their kids will make them spend more.

Moms are mall savvies, able to locate the items they want to purchase. Hi mom!

10. The Notorious Window Shoppers

That describes me.

Window shoppers are mall goers who spend the most time at the mall. When inside a clothing store, they would try every dress they find even if they have no intention of buying them. They even grab a cup noodle just to look at the label. Window shoppers are just there to feel the cold air coming from the air conditioning unit, checking out the latest smartphones and smelling the delicious taste of Chicken Joy inside the fast food restaurant.

I need to go to the mall to research more. I think this list isn’t enough.

Be right back, I’ll just window shop, for research!