10 Unconventional Ways To Help Typhoon Victims Release Stress

posted on: Wednesday, November 20, 2013

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The victims of typhoon Yolanda suffered a lot of physical, mental, and psychological stress. Here are some tips to do unconventional stress debriefing sessions so that they can kick start with their lives once again.

1. Write a note of encouragement on the canned goods.

Although they are only written words, your message can uplift their broken spirit. (Image taken from the Facebook account of Mary Narvasa)

2. Let them throw plates or break fragile items.

Let it smash!!! (Image courtesy of )

3. Allow them to scream as loud as they can.

Scream Kevin, scream! (Image courtesy of )

4. Lend them your tablet or smart phone and let them play games.

(Image courtesy of )

5. Play a dance music and encourage them to dance to the beat.

Cha cha cha! (Image courtesy of )

6. Make a bonfire at night and let them cook marshmallows or anything they can imagine.

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7. If you know how to massage, give them a massage, for God’s sake!

Don’t mess with this cat. (Image courtesy of )

8. Encourage them to start cleaning their house.

Do not overdo it though. (Image courtesy of )

9. Force them to laugh no matter how stupid it sounds.

Let your smile shine the world! (Image courtesy of )

10. Encourage them to dance and sing in the rain.

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