10 Wardrobe Essentials Every Cebuana Should Have

These are the 10 types of clothes every woman should put in their closet.
posted on: Sunday, March 30, 2014

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First things first. I admit that I am not yet fashionable but I think I’m heading towards that direction. I didn’t have a sense of fashion style until I went to college but even back then, it was like a switch that turned on and off. It was off most of the time anyway.


Then here comes life after college. I somehow placed fashion sense at the very back of my mind. I had no choice because I frequently hear my parents say “Find a job!” LOL!


Yep, I found a job and guess what? It made me wear white from top to bottom. You know what I mean!

My white uniform back then wasn’t that stylish and it was the most uncomfortable thing to wear when you are doing CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). The only thing I was very proud was my mop top. I should stop whining now, shouldn’t I?

If there was anything I could change in my life, I would surely include my fashion sense. Thankfully, a woman from the clouds went down on earth and taught the humans what to wear and how to wear clothes. I am talking about Liz Uy!

Last week, she came to Cebu and promoted her new book, Stylized. If there was anything I was thankful for, aside from the fact that I got star-strucked and tongue-tied by her obvious youth and beauty, I am grateful that I learned from her 10 things that every Cebuana or Filipina should have in their wardrobe.

These are the ten style essentials that every Cebuana or Filipina should have, according to Liz Uy. Thanks a lot, Liz!

1. White V-Neck Shirt

Hailed as the alpha and omega of fashion by Giorgio Armani, the possibilities of mixing a white v-neck shirt with something else are endless! You can pair it with blazers, skirts, jackets, jeans and leggings and you will look fabulous! Don’t forget to throw in some accessories.

lookbook.nu www.aisaipac.com

2. Little Black Dress

Thanks to Coco Chanel, the little black dress has been considered a fashion classic since 1920s.

www.thestylecebu.com iamalexa.biz

3. Blazer

I absolutely love blazers! They give me an empowering feeling and they instantly give me semi-formal look if ever I’m just wearing a shirt, jeans, and sneakers!

iamalexa.biz thechyrelgomez.blogspot.com

4. Slacks

Thanks to Hollywood fashion icons like Katharine Hepburn, Diane Keaton and Marlene Dietrich, the elegant slacks has been giving women the feeling of individualism and independence.




5. White Button-Down Shirt

Just like the white v-neck shirt, you can mix and match a white button-down shirt with almost anything!

chicinthetropics.com issaplease.com

6. Leggings

Liz loves them for their extreme functionality. It also gives you an edgy look.

chicinthetropics.com thechyrelgomez.blogspot.com

7. Jeans

I love jeans! If Vera Wang considers leggings as her uniform, mine is a pair of lovely jeans!

iamalexa.biz chicinthetropics.com

8. Tank Top

Perhaps the most comfortable form of clothing worn by mankind, a tank top can take us anywhere from home to the beach!

thechyrelgomez.blogspot.com thechyrelgomez.blogspot.com

9. Shorts

Fashion journalist Angela Puchetti was right when she regarded shorts as something that exhibits “a certain spirit of women’s liberation.”

Richel Gomez thechyrelgomez.blogspot.com

10. Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt is a staple among women from the corporate world and even in the urban jungle!




Honestly, I only have the blazer, pencil skirt, tank top and white button-down shirt in my wardrobe. Looks like I still have 6 more items to go! How about you?