10 Expected Ways Cebuanos Cope With Breakups

You may have probably seen all ten of them!
posted on: Monday, February 24, 2014

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We were told time and time again by Neil Sedaka, The Carpenters and even Vilma Santos that “breaking up is hard to do” but when one is faced with the reality that “another one bites the dust,” there is nothing else to do but find a way to cope with the heartache.

I have seen my friends in Cebu have their hearts torn into pieces and these were the things they did after experiencing breakups.

1. Drinking spree with friends



Oh yeah! There’s nothing like drowning your sorrow with beer and getting that awful hangover the next day!

2. Watching a lame movie on the big screen alone


When a lame movie is on the big screen, chances are, there are less than 20 people watching it. This is a great spot to cry your heart out without being noticed. You might as well sing to the tune of “Sad Movies (Always Make Me Cry)” if you feel like doing it.

3. Buy a gallon of ice cream


You are so sad that you can eat the gallon of ice cream all by yourself. You might even buy another gallon by the time you finish your first bucket.

4. Watching your favorite tearjerker chick flick all over again.


You lock yourself in your room and play your favorite DVD movie. Let’s just say you are watching The Notebook and you have played it more than 10 times in a row already. Prepare a lot of tissues or handkerchief to wipe your tears. Don’t forget the popcorn, too!

5. Sleep, sleep and sleep!


You are too damn depressed to wake up and cry, so you end up sleeping the whole day, waking up only to eat, drink, poop and pee.

6. Videoke Galore!


Filipinos love to sing when they’re happy, and sometimes when they are sad. It is not uncommon to hear a heartbroken person sing “Oh I missed your kisses all the time but this is 25 minutes too late!” You might even end up singing the infamous “My Way.”

7. Find another lover the very next day and put on a big grin!


They feel like that the ultimate revenge is letting their ex-lover see them that they have moved on so easily and that they are so happy. I don’t believe in that “panakip sa butas” crap a bit but I often see it.

8. Become detached from the world


These are the type of people who suddenly shut themselves from the world, those who suddenly become aloof and motionless most of the time. They just let the world pass by them like it’s a nightmare and they don’t give a care.

9. Become the opposite of themselves


If they are silent, they suddenly became loud and extrovert or vice versa

10. Woo their ex-lover again


These are the people who really love their ex-lover and wouldn’t mind winning their hearts again. Cheesy but it happens in reality.

How about you? How did your family members, relatives or friends cope with breakups?