10 Websites You Can Waste Your Time On (Other than Facebook and Youtube)

Get out of your usual internet hub and discover more fun websites!
posted on: Wednesday, May 14, 2014
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Facebooking and Youtubing everyday can bore your brains out.

Quit chatting with your 1000 friends on FB or listening to Chrissy Costanza and try these interesting sites:



Want to learn a new language? Duolingo is right for you. This site offers courses in Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese. Learning the language,  it’s akin to playing an online game where you monitor your proficiency. It’s more fun and effective than learning it in college!



Improve your vocabulary in a wide variety of subjects and help give rice to the needy. Yes, you learn while you donate without spending money at all! Freerice.com donates 10 grains of rice to the World Food Programme for every correct answer you get to help end hunger.



Can you really hack life? Yes, of course! Lifehacker offers tips and tricks that will help improve all areas of your life. Now you don’t have to do things the hard way, learn to make it easier and faster.



Tropes (some might call this a cliché) are themes and plot devices used in a story – any story, from your favorite book to the movie you most hate. Did you know that the Harry Potter series uses Alliterative Names trope and the Laser-Guided Amnesia? Try searching your favorite movie and you’ll find out what tropes it is composed of. Warning: You’ll find yourself opening a bunch of TV Tropes tabs that will cost you a whole day reading them.



If you want to exercise your brain or just want to take a quiz, visit this site. Sporcle offers not just some boring quizzes but quizzes about your favorite books, movies and high school subjects. You’ll always learn new trivia like how to spell Kyrgyzstan or some random facts about the Star Wars franchise.



A humor website that lists down interesting/funny/creepy articles and videos that will make you spend all the day reading them. Cracked provides both information and entertainment and you will surely want for more.



Want to kill some time and have a constant laugh? Look no further,  9GAG is here. These user-generated (Yes, you can submit your own) images, gifs and videos will surely make your workday more productive.



As its name suggests, you stumble upon random websites that you find interesting. It requires login (you can use your Facebook account) to determine what sites that best suit your interest, from movies to trivia to cat pictures – Stumbleupon gives the best recommendation for you.



TED: ideas worth spreading. Discover new and exciting ideas that may revolutionize our technology, entertainment and design. From science to business to global issues, watch videos that make you sit up and focus your eyes to the deeper understanding of the world. Engage your curiosity with free knowledge that may redefine our attitudes, lives and our future.



The front page of the internet, Reddit is the birthplace of almost all the memes and viral phenomena in the internet. Upon visiting the site, you’ll see a vast array of everything – from the latest news, interesting pictures, the latest trailer of your favorite movie and many more. The site uses a voting system that filters out stuff the users find boring which eeps the content fresh every time you visit it. Just a warning though, you’ll get addicted to it more than Facebook, that’s for sure.

And a shameless plug to the most awesome one:

If you’re reading this then you’re in tenminutes.ph

This website should have been #1 on my list but since you’re already in this website, there’s no need for me to let you know.

Just visit it often!

Enjoy these websites but be sure to do your work well and when at home to engage with your loved ones.