10 Wedding Photos Of Celebrities Who Didn’t Live Happily Ever After

If you’re a star, better not to have a relationship with a fellow celebrity.
posted on: Friday, August 8, 2014
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Many people say that showbiz relationships don’t last long.

Is it really true?

There are many showbiz marriages that lasted till death while there are also those that just couldn’t have a happy ending:

1. Sharon Cuneta – Gabby Concepcion

They were one of the most popular love teams in the 80s with their box office movies, Dear Heart and P.S. I Love You.


Everybody thought they would live happily ever after when they were wed on September 23, 1984.

Just 3 years later, they separated and their marriage was declared on November 10, 1993. Sharon charged Gabby with  because he was allegedly married to another woman before he married Sharon.

2. Sunshine Cruz – Cesar Montano

This wasn’t Cesar Montano’s first marriage. He was married to Marilyn Polinga who died of brain tumor in 1993.


Cesar and Sunshine married on September 14, 2000 and have three daughters.

Their marital problems started on 2013 when Cesar was to a starlet he co-starred in a biographical film.

Months later, Sunshine filed a , accusing Cesar that he “violently attacked her, employed physical violence, and raped [her]”.

3. Michelle van Eimeren – Ogie Alcasid

The two met when Michelle van Eimeren represented Australia in the 1994 Miss Universe Pageant which was held in Manila.


Ogie and Michelle got married in 1996, proving that love knows no boundaries.

Unfortunately in 2003, Michelle, together with the couple’s two daughters, migrated in Australia indefinitely. This spurred an issue that a marital problem is being faced by the two.

They finally separated in 2007.

In 2009, Michelle married her businessman fiancé Mark Morrow while Ogie married fellow singer Regine Velasquez in .

4. Vilma Santos – Edu Manzano

In 1980, Edu Manzano (who was still new in showbiz) starred alongside Vilma Santos in the movie Romansa. That same year, they were in Las Vegas, Nevada.


The following year, Luis Manzano was born. Their marriage didn’t last long. They divorced in 1985.

Vilma Santos married politician Ralph Recto in 1992 while Edu…

5. Edu Manzano – Maricel Soriano

Edu and Maricel had a relationship at the peak of Maricel’s career. There were issues with this since Edu’s marriage with Vilma hasn’t yet been annulled.


The two finally wed in 1989. The wedding was kept so that the uninvited press wrote mostly editorialized versions of the wedding.

The two were never blessed with children until their separation in 1991.

6. Christopher de Leon – Nora Aunor

This award-winning couple on January 25, 1975. Is this the first beach wedding?


They had one child, Ian de Leon and two adopted daughters, Lotlot and Matet and two adopted sons, Kiko and Kenneth.

Boyet and Ate Guy’s marriage were annulled in 1996. Christopher married Sandy Andolong in 2001 while Nora has not remarried.

7. Pops Fernandez – Martin Nievera

The former first met in 1982, when Pops had just joined showbiz. They married four years later, on June 1986 .

Martin Nievera & Pops Fernandez facebook fanpage

Pops filed for annulment in 1999 amid allegations of Martin’s infidelity. Their marriage was formally declared null and void a year later.

More than a decade later, the ex-couple have managed to remain friends and have even worked together in various Valentine-themed concerts.

8. Yilmaz Bektas – Ruffa Gutierrez

Yilmaz Bektas is a Turkish businessman while Ruffa Gutierrez is a beauty queen and actress.

Yes! File Photo via pep.ph

The two were married on March 25, 2003 in a wedding that was described as “world-class“.

On 2012, their marriage was declared  after Yilmaz accused Ruffa of being already before they were together while Ruffa accused Yilmaz of her.

9. Claudine Barretto – Raymart Santiago

There were already rumors that Claudine and Raymart had been in a secret relationship even before Claudine’s then boyfriend Rico Yan was found dead in a resort in Palawan.


Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto were happily married twice, a civil wedding on 2004 (which Claudine declared ) and a Christian ceremony on March 27, 2006. They have an adopted daughter, Sabina Natasha and a son, Rodrigo Santino.

The ex-couple’s rift began in early 2013 when Claudine claimed that she was a battered wife but Raymart denies it. Gretchen Barretto, Claudine’s older sister, testified against her in court after submitting affidavits on Raymart’s behalf.

Their “war” is still ongoing on the court and on the social media.

10. Ai-Ai de las Alas – Jed Salang

Were these two even married? Yes, definitely.


Jed Salang is 20 years younger than Ai-Ai and many were skeptical about their May-December relationship.

They were married on April 3, 2013 in Las Vegas and after just , Ai-Ai confirmed that they were separated. Ai-Ai cited physical abuse and third party were the reasons for their untimely separation.

Their divorce was later finalized on January 2014.

These wedding photos are nothing but a sweet memoir of their past and happy relationship.

Is showbiz cursed with the inability to keep marriages for long?