10 Weird Superstitions In The Philippines That Will Blow Your Mind

It’s part of our culture and we’re used to them, but some are just really bizarre.
posted on: Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Kevin Maglinte
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Superstitions are a part of our culture but some are just downright bizarre and really stupid. So let me present you some really weird superstitions that some Filipinos believe:

1. If you can’t make eye contact you’re probably possessed.

2. You shouldn’t open your umbrella indoors because they bring bad luck.


3. Sleeping with wet hair isn’t a good idea. Why? Because you will go crazy.

4. Sore eyes are annoying especially when you have a lot of rheum (muta).  To cure this annoying disease  just wash it with your urine and you’re good to go.


5. A mole in the foot means you will be an adventurer.

6. Don’t bury a dead guy with his shoes on or he will hunt you with loud footsteps that you will surely hear.


7. A person’s shadow is just as important as he/she is, that’s why never trample it or else the person will die.


8. A pregnant woman’s touch can cause trees to wither and bear sour fruits.


9. If a child steps over an open grave the spirit of the dead will visit the child.


10. Sleeping in front of a mirror is fatal. Why? Because your soul might get trapped in the mirror.


Weird? Strange?

What other bizarre superstitions do you know?