10 Winning Christmas Gift Ideas For “Him” or “Her”

Christmas parties? Manita and manito? Bring it on!
posted on: Sunday, December 8, 2013

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Christmas is just around the corner and everybody’s excited to shop for gifts. To make your holiday shopping easier, here are 10 Christmas gift ideas for “him and her” that you might want to put on your list.

1. Perfume

There’s a scent for you and me. (Image courtesy of )

Perfumes are perfect gift ideas for any occasion. Just make sure you know what kind of scent your manito or manita wants. One of the favorites among online buyers is Sweet Orgasm, a Cebu-based house of perfume and scents that offers an array of eau fe parfum for ladies and gents. To view the complete list of available scents and order your perfume online, visit .

2. Timepiece

Friends that bond together, stay together. (Image courtesy of )

A watch nowadays not only serves as a time keeping device but it is also a fashion statement. One of my personal favorites here in the Philippines is the Swap watches by Tomato Time. Swap watches are fantastic gift ideas because they can be customized according to your preference. The watch face and the strap can be changed anytime you want and what’s best about it is that they are affordable. In Cebu, Swap watches can be bought at the Tomato Time kiosk in SM City Cebu. For more designs, visit .

3. Powerbank

These colorful powerbanks are perfect for Apple fanatics. (Image courtesy of )

Don’t you just hate it when your cellphone, laptop or tablet runs out of battery just when you need it the most? The answer to that problem is a powerbank. They come in all shape and sizes. Any gadget freak will surely love to receive this as a Christmas gift.

4. Quirky USB Flashdrive

A kickass Snowbot USB flashdrive. (Image courtesy of )

The age of floppy disks have ended. Files are now easier to carry because of  universal serial bus flashdrives.

5. Gadgets

Gadgets galore (Image courtesy of )

For gadget freaks, the latest model of his or her favorite gadgets would be the perfect Christmas gift. Whether it’s a smart phone, phablet, tablet or a laptop that he or she wants, there’s an ocean of choices that you can choose from.

6. Salad bowl for the vegetarians

Row, row, row your salad boat. (Image courtesy of )

Vegetarians love to eat salad so a salad bowl would be something that you should consider buying for your vegetarian friend. Don’t just buy any salad bowl but get something that will catch their imagination.

7. Tipsy wine glass

You are not drunk but these wine glasses already are. (Image courtesy of )

Wine connoisseurs or wine enthusiasts like you and me will totally love wine glasses. The tipsier the glasses get, the better.

8. Oil candle shadow projectors

A shadow of a pine tree right in the middle of your room. (Image courtesy of )

How do you make your room look more imaginative by just lighting a candle? Oil candle shadow projectors can do the trick. They come in various shapes and designs that you will surely love.

9. Talk to my hand

Hello, this is my hand speaking. (Image courtesy of )

I am not kidding. You can talk through your hand using the Bluetooth Gloves that is perfect in protecting your hands against the cold holiday weather while answering phone calls.

10. Weird-looking mugs

And you wondered where your cookies went. (Image courtesy of )

Mugs are cool gift ideas if they have uncommon and weird designs. Since the holiday season brings about a cold weather, a mug as a gift will be perfect for drinking hot coffee or chocolate. Stuff some cookies or bread and you’re good to go.

I am sure that by now some of you have almost completed your Christmas shopping list.

Which of these Christmas gift ideas caught your fancy?