14 Photos Worth Remembering than Piolo Pascual

Cobra Energy Drink IronMan 70.3 Philippines 2014
posted on: Monday, August 4, 2014
Chris Wayne Comendador
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Everyone is making a big fuss about actors like Piolo Pascual and Matteo Guidicelli joining the Cobra Energy Drink IronMan 70.3 Philippines 2014 which happened last Sunday.

Actually, there was more to the prestigious race than Piolo and Matteo and here are photos to prove it.

1. The flyboard exhibition during the swim phase.

Flyboard at Cobra Ironman 2014

2. The swarm of participants heading to the beach to start the race.

Ironman Triathletes in beach

3. The awesome sight of all of them hitting the water.

Ironman Triathletes Swimming

4. Ironman was even there to add to the entertainment.


5. The participants found time for wacky poses despite the grueling race.

Ironman Triathletes Friends

6. Bird’s eye view of the transition area, look at all those bikes!

7. And this guy who shows that he is proud of being a Filipino.

Ironman PH headband Triathlete

8. Honing in on this guy’s expression while getting a dipper of water.

Awkwardly Photogenic guy

9. No, don’t look at that hot chick at the back. Look at that red bell the guy has hanging on his belt.

Ironman Triathlete with a bell on his back

10. Did someone forget to tell these guys that this race is no photo op?

Ironman Triathlete with the tongue out

11. But nobody beats this guy for the Most Fabulous Award.

Ironman Most Fabulous Awardee

12. Proud kid with his dad, or proud dad with his kid.

Proud Dad in Triathlon

13. And who says you can’t run when you have this bod?

Big Triathletes on the run for Ironman 70.3

14. Or if you are physically challenged?

Disabled Triathletes
Kudos to these differently-abled triathletes. You serve as one of the reasons why people should be inspired to stay fit.

There’s more to the Cobra Energy Drink IronMan 70.3 Philippines than your usual half IronMan races around the world.

Now, would you care to sign up for next year’s race?