2 Dead In Badian Bus Accident, 7 Severely Injured Rushed To VSMMC

Ceres bus met an accident at 7:18 AM of December 16, 2013 in Badian, Cebu.
posted on: Monday, December 16, 2013

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The start of the Simbang Gabi season could have been all smiles if not for the unfortunate bus accident that happened to the Ceres Bus with the plate number of 722 CEH and all its passengers.

According to Mr. Dennis Chiong of Cebu Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction, two were confirmed dead: Mary Lane Espano (40 years old) and Gemalyn Espano (5 years old), the wife and daughter of the bus driver Erwin Gerson.

There were 59 who were confirmed injured and were taken to the following hospitals:

  • St. Peter Reinhard Hospital in Alegria – 15 to 20 passengers
  • Badian District Hospital – 1 passenger
  • Malabuyoc District Hospital – 10 to 15 passengers

Mr. Junjun Recanil of Cebu Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction also confirmed that the Badian bus accident happened at around 7:18 in the morning at Sitio Bangko-Bangko, Barangay Balhaan, Badian, Cebu.

Seven of the injured passengers needed more advanced medical care so they were taken to Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center.

  1. Enario, Bernadita Lastimoso, 20 years old, from Madridejos, Alegria, Cebu
  2. Palamine, Winston Adams Yong, 19 years old , from Lower Kawasan, Alegria, Cebu
  3. Pilingon, Virginia Dorango, 36 years old, from Alangasil, Alegria, Cebu
  4. Pugoy, Gregorio Mangyaw, 47 years old, from Sayaw, Barili, Cebu
  5. Talaugon, Ireneo Canete, 54 years old, from Lalao, Malabuyoc, Cebu
  6. Yong, Shiela Dagsa, 19 years old, from Monteller, Alegria, Cebu
  7. Ybanez, Renante Cardosa, 30 years old, from Sto. Nino, Alegria, Cebu

They were initially cared for in St. Arnold Janssen VSMMC Trauma Center.

The first ambulance from Malabuyoc arrived in VSMMC at 11:37 AM.

The medical staff and stretcher was prepared to receive the very first patient.

The patient was then taken out of the ambulance, to be taken care by the doctors and nurses.

Dr. Mari Leo Fidel Pataray and Dr. Joseph Al Alesna supervised the administration of care to the victims of the bus accident.

The clinical instructors, students nurses, and medical technologists can be seen here in action.

Another patient arrived…

…and was wheeled inside the trauma center.

The doctors, interns, and other health care professionals teamed up to give organized health care.

The patients’ wounds were dressed and appropriate medications were given.

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