23 Photos On How Cebuanos Celebrated Christmas With Yolanda Evacuees Staying In Cebu

posted on: Thursday, December 26, 2013

Social Architect

1. Two days before Christmas, Rosemarie Holganza-Borromeo sent this rather long PM to her friends, including me. She asked them if they were willing to spend Christmas day with 250 Yolanda evacuees staying at the tent city in South Reclamation Properties (SRP).

2. And here’s more of that note she sent to her friends

3. The preparation for the party was just like the day after Yolanda where everyone just did what they can do to send relief to places that needed it most.

4. After that long note came a post on Facebook. Indeed, it was like Yolanda all over again, Cebuanos calling on fellow Cebuanos to help out.

5. Invitations were sent to the families living in the tent city.

6. After posting on my Facebook wall, my own version of a call for help, here’s a reply from one of my friends. Happily, another friend also sent a sack of rice too.

7. The day came and buses courtesy of the Cebu City Government ferried the special guests to the party place.

8. It was no ordinary venue, it had a view of the city. Edward Jayco had to cut short his family’s Christmas celebration to prepare for the once in a lifetime party.

9. There were food, more than enough for the guest and even the organizers.

10. While they were eating, they were being entertained with song and dance numbers.

11. To make sure that they enjoyed their food, their were drinks provided by Pepsi.

12. There was a magic show too.

13. The kids enjoyed it.

14.What is a party without games for children.

15. And prizes too. What’s more, they were made to pick the prize they want.

16. More prizes.

17. More gifts.

18. Not just from the people in Cebu but from Cebuanos abroad.

19. Cebuanos all over, together they shared Christmas with their fellow brothers and sisters from Eastern Visayas who either lost their homes or loved ones because of killer super typhoon Yolanda.

20. While the specials guests were busy enjoying the party, santa’s workers took some time to eat too.

21. This little boy enjoying his new toy.

22. A happy mother and son proudly show one the gift they got at the party.

23. In the end, they all gave Cebuanos a round of applause for spending Christmas with them. It was a Christmas like no other.

In a weeks time, we will be celebrating new year. How about celebrating it with our fellow brothers and sisters in the tent city at SRP?