23 Photos That Sum Up Cebu In 24 Hours

View Cebu in a new light.
posted on: Friday, March 28, 2014

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Only a handful of people really know what happens in their city within a single day. Perhaps the majority of the people might never know in their whole lifetime.

Thankfully, a street photography project called #24HourProject was initiated.

Last March 22, 2014, 900 photographers from 6 continents, 72 countries and 312 cities participated in capturing human conditions within 24 hours.

The result was a gem worth seeing!


What you are about to see is the work of , a budding photographer from the City of Cebu, who invested blood, sweat and tears for the #24HourProject.

Thanks for sharing your photos to us, Danni Boi!

Perhaps what this kid missed a lot was the comfort of his own bed.

This kid shouldn’t even be awake at a godly hour but I guess the need to fill their tummies preceded it than his need to sleep.

Right across the statue of Rajah Jumabon, the Cathedral Museum of Cebu lays dormant, awaiting for the light of day.

Are you willing to disturb her peaceful sleep just to buy pieces of bread?

It’s time to get physical in Cebu I.T. Park.

She might be pondering on the idea of waking up or going back to sleep.

Everybody seems to be awake and buzzing everywhere.

Grandpa may have been looking in the mirror in the hopes of reliving the past or accepting his future.

Her day’s work may be as numerous as the cases of bottles stacked neatly behind her.

While Ate is busy studying with Mum, Little sister occupies herself by playing.

I think he’s looking for his lunch already.

Hard hats, anyone?


In a pensive mood, the girl stayed immobile while her things were scattered beneath her.

Barkada time at the park!

Bikers doing freestyle moves in the BMX.

Waiting for the wind to turn his windmill toy round and round.

Looking at the lights of the traffic from afar, one cannot help but reminisce about the day that has passed.

Standing still in the middle of a busy city.

Perhaps buying a pack of cigarettes can help drown your tears?

Picking up the pieces of a life far far away.

Getting cozy right in the heart of Cebu.

Celebrating a job well done with a live band.

The photos are lovely, aren’t they?

Moreover, the story these photo tells about Cebu is fascinating.

Lucky to see Cebu in 24 hours, in poignant photos, by a budding photographer.