28 Cool Photos Of The Happiest Color Manila Run (Cebu Leg)

Young and old alike were covered in the happiest of colors!
posted on: Wednesday, April 9, 2014
Rodel Montebon
Katkat, katkats everywhere.

Running is fun and I can personally find you million reasons why you should do it.

What about the thought of adding a little twist on your run?

What about the idea sprinkling  colorful powder on you before you run?

What about doing it with your running buddies too?

There is a color festival in India called Holi Festival or Festival of Colors.

Well, in the Philippines, it’s the Color Run!

Last April 6, Color Manila Run (Cebu Leg) happened at the South Road Properties, Cebu.

Here are 28 colorful photos describing a colorful run experience.

1. Jump start the race with some colorful confetti. 

2. Then take a good shower to get wet and ready.

You have to be wet first so that the colors will stick.

3. Then enjoy yourself sprinkled with colorful powder.

4. And more powder.

4. And more …

5. But first, “let me take a selfie.”

6. Oooops…

7. Good thing she decided to stand up and start moving.

8. How about running with this ridiculously photogenic girl.


9. Or with this guy


10. Then earn your medal at the finish line.

11. After that, check if you have intensive hair damage.

12. Or maybe do some YOGA afterwards.

13. Or take a good picture of you after the event like this,

14. And this,

15. And this…

16. And maybe take a photo with some friends

17. And with your best friend,

18. More best friends…

19. Then lie down in exhaustion.

20. Now document your before and after pose.

21. After all that, line up to party.


22. Jam with the hot organizers.

After the race, there was a color party.

23. And get another dose of these colorful powder,

25. While enjoying the colorful fog,

26. Jam with your friends some more.

27. And shout for joy.

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