This 4 Year Old Genius From Cebu Will Likely Become Our Very Own Einstein

This boy is truly a genius, and he’s Cebuano!
posted on: Thursday, November 13, 2014
Kevin Maglinte
My Good Man, this heathen calls himself "Magz" as if his own name wasn't good enough. He claims to own these titles "Web Developer Baller" and a "Social Media Ho". It appears that this ruffian has also a talent in digital art.
Digital Bachelor

Meet Miko. He’s just an ordinary 4-year-old boy…

from Philip John Secillano


Or not.

Because Miko will probably beat you at Math. Just watch him solve geometry problems like the volume of a cone and cube:

What about calculating the area of a Rocket Ship?


According to his father who is from Bicol, Miko got his brains (he’s not a zombie, mind you!) from his mother who hails from Cebu.

Philip John Secillano


Philip describes him as an ordinary 4-year-old boy who enjoys karate and swimming.

Philip John Secillano


But what sets him apart from other kids of his age is his natural interest  in learning new things and always asks random questions.

Philip John Secillano


Though his father only teaches him 5-7 minutes a day, it’s amazing what this young genius can do, like reciting the capital cities of 164 countries!


Oh, How I wish I could be like Miko! He could probably become our very own Einstein!

For more videos about Miko’s genius, you can visit his .