5 Common Cebuano Grammar Mistakes We Always Make

Most of us are surely unaware that we make grammar mistakes everyday. Don’t despair. Our very own language isn’t taught in school so it’s fine.
posted on: Tuesday, June 24, 2014
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When it comes to our own language, we were never taught ‘saktong batadila’ (correct grammar) in school so grammar mistakes can be condoned. Meanwhile, is going to be scrapped in college. Is it time for the Cebuano language to shine?

Anyway, most on the list is taken from Jun Tariman’s blog: 

So here’s the list of common grammar mistakes we always make:

1. Kada – Taga

Wrong: Taga adlaw ko mosakay og jeep.

Correct: Taga Mandaue ko.

Correct: Kada adlaw ko mosakay og habal-habal.

2. Og – Ug


Wrong: Si Teban og Goliat maayo mupakatawa.

Correct: Si Teban ug Goliat…

Wrong: Mokaon ko ug saging.

Correct: Mokaon ko og saging.

3. Na – Nga


Wrong: Naligsan siya og dako na truck.

Correct: Naligsan siya og dako nga truck.

Correct: Nahuman na ko sa akong project.

4. Asa – Hain


Example: Asa mo manglakaw?

Example: Hain man ang kutsilyo?

5. Pinaka


Wrong: Naa nako ang pinakadakong saging sa Sugbo.

Correct: Naa nako ang kinadak-ang saging sa Sugbo.

Correct: Naa nako ang labing tam-is nga bibingka sa Mandaue.

Do you have anything to add? Are you an expert of the Cebuano language? Well, good for you!