5 Foreign Superheroes And Their Pinoy Counterparts

Who doesn’t love getting saved by these guys?
posted on: Wednesday, August 13, 2014
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Filipinos do love superheroes and it’s no wonder why we have our own version of foreign superheroes.

Who are they? Well, here are some of them:

1. Superman

Warner Bros. via cinemagogue.com

Inarguably the most iconic American superhero, Superman is well-loved by fans around the world. Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, the first appeared in print in 1938.

Pinoy counterpart: Captain Barbell

GMA 7, Mars Ravelo via aliwanavenue.com

Created by comic artist Mars Ravelo, Captain Barbell first appeared in Pinoy Komiks in 1963.


Both superheroes derive their powers from a source:

Superman from the sun, and Captain Barbell from… well, his magical barbell given to him by a genie (in the original story).

Both have alter egos:

Superman is Clark Kent, Captain Barbell is Teng.

Both have superhuman capabilities:

Superhuman strength, speed and can fly without the aid of airplanes/helicopters.

Both have a major weaknesses:

Superman is weakened by a green mineral called Kryptonite while Captain Barbell is weakened by an element called ASKOBAR (Asido Kontra Barbanium).

2. Wonder Woman


Diana, the warrior princess of the Amazons, was created by William Marston and appears in comic books published by DC Comics.

Good news! Wonder Woman will appear in the next Man of Steel movie in 2016!

Pinoy counterpart: Darna!

GMA 7, Mars Ravelo via pinoyexchange.com

By far the most popular Pinoy superheroine, Darna has been portrayed by famous actresses such as Vilma Santos, Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera. Darna was created by Mars Ravelo who also created Captain Barbell.


Similar costumes:

Both don’t wear the usual superhero cape.

“Indestructible” bracelets:

Wonder Woman has the indestructible bracelets (how the heck can she remove them?) that could be used to deflect bullets. Darna was also shown to do the same feat.

Both were conceived during the World War II:

Wonder Woman first appeared in comics in 1941 while was conceived by Mars Ravelo in late 1939.

Both had a crossover with a male superhero:

Wonder Woman has fought alongside Superman while Darna has fought alongside Captain Barbell.

3. Spider-Man

Marvel, Sony via comicvine.com

One of the most popular Marvel superhero, Spider-Man was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. He first appeared in print in the 1960s.

Pinoy counterpart: Gagamboy

Regal Films via koreanfilm.org

Portrayed by comedian Vhong Navarro, Gagamboy is basically the Filipino Spider-Man who appeared in a movie in 2004.


Everything: Gagamboy is the Pinoy version/parody of Spider-Man.

Did it succeed? Believe it or not, was well-received by international critics including Derek Elley of .

4. Mister Fantastic

20th Century Fox, Marvel via fanpop.com

Mister Fantastic (real name Reed Richards) is the leader of the superhero team Fantastic Four.

Pinoy counterpart: Lastikman


Created by Mars Ravelo and artist Mar Santana, Lastikman has been portrayed by popular actors such as Vic Sotto, Vhong Navarro and singer Mark Bautista. This Pinoy superhero first appeared in Aliwan Komiks in 1964.


Elastic body: Check

Science Geek: Check (Lastikman portrayed by Vic Sotto was a physics teacher)

Similar Costume and doesn’t wear the usual superhero cape: Check

5. Zorro


Zorro (Spanish for fox) is a masked hero created by writer Johnston McCulley and was famously portrayed by Spanish actor Antonio Banderas.

Pinoy counterpart: Leon Guerrero


Leon Guerrero was a movie icon famously portrayed by Senator Lito Lapid.



Black hat and a mask that covers the top part of the face

Both assume a secret identity:

as an ordinary person, Zorro is Don Diego de la Vega while Leon Guerrero is Manuel.

Most importantly, both ride a horse.

Though Leon Guerrero might look similar to Zorro, he is actually based on Chuck Norris’ movie character, Lone Ranger.

So, which one do you think would win in a fight? The foreign superhero or their Pinoy counterpart?