5 Reasons Why NFA Rice Is Definitely Better Than Commercial Rice

The fact that this rice is more talked about than Ganador or Jasmine is a testament of it’s fine quality.
posted on: Monday, June 23, 2014
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“Is NFA Rice worth buying?”

Most people would say no. The dreaded NFA rice is off-putting to most Filipinos since according to them:

“It tastes like it’s infested by cockroaches.”

“It’s cheap, therefore, it doesn’t taste good.”

“Makalanag na.”



These people just haven’t tasted yet this heaven-sent food. It’s not that bad. I can even say it’s perfect for the common Filipino people. It has the right mix of affordability, flavor and reachability. It’s perfect.

So why is NFA rice better than commercial rice, you ask?

5. It’s cheap

NFA rice costs about ?27/kilo depending on how money-grubbing your retailer is. Typical commercial rice costs about ?45/kilo, so you save ?18/kilo.


A typical Filipino household consumes about . That means you save almost ?8500 every year! With that money, you can already buy two snatched iPhones!

4. Its price is stable

NFA rice isn’t controlled by rice cartels, only the government. It isn’t smuggled so it has no risk of sudden price increase, unlike the smuggled ones which raise their prices if their transportation is busted by the police.


Plus, one variety is imported from Vietnam. It’s pretty much guaranteed that the price of NFA rice won’t go up too high. If its price suddenly goes up without explanation, you can blame PNoy and pretty soon his scapegoat would resign.

3. It’s broken

Broken rice is easier to digest. You don’t have to chew it well, just one grind and you can already swallow it.


Easier digestion means . You no longer need to drink Lactobacillus milk (mabutiyan!) to maintain a healthy stomach. Now your only problem is when you get diarrhea from eating too much.

2. Kiko endorses it

Presidential Assistant for Food Security and Agricultural Modernization Sec. Francis ‘Kiko’ Pangilinan (his title is a bit short) NFA Rice.


See, a presidentiable endorses this rice.

He has a good track record. He wasn’t involved in the PDAF scandal. And you can see his wife Sharon very healthy and chubby (she has just the right amount of fat).

Therefore, NFA rice is good.


1. It’s the best way to lose weight

Are you fat? Want to lose weight but still want to eat rice?

Yahoo Philippines

There can be no better solution than NFA rice. You wouldn’t get used to its crappy taste and never will be (unlike Miss Sharon), so you would eat less.

Eventually, you’ll eat one less cup of rice each meal. If you’re starting to feel nauseous of eating NFA rice, consider yourself successful in losing weight.

You can thank me later.


NFA rice is always a better alternative if you think you can no longer afford commercial rice. If you still prefer the commercial one but can’t afford it, you can leave your bitchy girlfriend behind since she’s the one draining your budget.

Anyway, happy eating guys!