5 Reasons Why Pope Francis Should Visit Cebu (And Not Just Manila)

It’s unfair that Manila gets 4 days and Cebu gets none.
posted on: Sunday, December 14, 2014
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It’s just a month before His Holiness Pope Francis visits the Philippines. Everyone rejoiced upon hearing the news except for… the CEBUANOS!

The Pope will stay for 4 days in Manila and just 1 day in Leyte. One writer even said that the Pope’s visit was manipulated by some elites in the North.

Now why won’t the Pope visit Cebu? There are a LOT of reasons to visit Cebu!

5. Cebu was also affected by the 2013 Earthquake and Yolanda. Manila wasn’t.

theguardian.com, photo by Erik de Castro/Reuters

Part of what made Pope Francis to visit the country was because of Yolanda. AND HE’S STAYING IN MANILA FOR 4 DAYS. 4 DAYS. While Cebuanos are still recovering from the earthquake and Typhoon Yolanda, Manila people gets to hang out with the Pope.


4. Cebu will celebrate the 450th anniversary of the Sto. Niño image in 2015.

Ernest Sibi via metrocebu.com.ph

 or the celebration of the discovery of the first Sto. Niño image will celebrate it’s 450th anniversary (1565 – 2015). The image is kept inside the Basilica Minore Del Santo Niño which is still recovering from the damages brought by the 2013 Bohol Earthquake.


3. He could attend the Sinulog festival!

Tom Cockrem | Getty Images

Sinulog 2015 will be held on Jan. 18. The Pope’s visit is from Jan. 15 – 19. Yey, he could attend the Sinulog! But wait, if ever the Pope visits Cebu, the is willing to adjust the festival’s schedule to accommodate the Pope.


2. Traffic is less worse than Manila


This is important. According to the schedule, on Jan. 16 which is on Friday, Pope Francis will go on a MOTORCADE in the streets of Manila. I just wish this won’t really add to the dismal state of the North’s traffic. How many thousands of people will be disrupted by this? No, I’m not pointing out the Pope’s motorcade, just the state of their traffic.


1. Cebu’s the seat of Catholicism in the Philippines


Every Filipino who’s listened to their history teacher knows that Cebu is the ‘seat of Philippine Christianity’. In Pope John Paul II’s in Cebu in 1981, he said:

“Finding myself in this important city known as the cradle of Christianity in the Philippines, I want to express my deep joy and profound thanksgiving to the Lord of history.”

Basically, it’s unfair that the Pope would only visit Manila and not Cebu – even just for one day, no even for just one hour.