The Six Types of Girls You Meet In College

posted on: Thursday, May 1, 2014


For four long years, we walk the same hallways and enter the same classrooms with the same boring teachers in order to prepare ourselves for the “real world”.

Yet, college would never be complete without a little romance here and there. Don’t you remember the first girl you found pretty in your class and then she somehow became your sweetheart? How about the girl that everyone was talking about and you knew you stood no chance.

Well, here are the 6 girls you meet in college.

1. The First Friend, First Crush or otherwise known as the “Love at first, YEAR”.

It has always been a thrill for us boys to ponder upon all the magical things that college has in store for us, girls included.

This is the girl who caught our attention on the first day or days of class. She’s that friendly stranger who was there when all the rest were like wildlings talking with their high school friends as if you didn’t exist. The girl who offered you a piece of paper when you least expected it to be needed.

You will be with her in the next few months of class, know more about her high school stories, meet a few friends. You’ll start to admire her for the new person that she is.

You’ll spend a lot of time with together, a bunch of fun, then you’ll start to look at her differently, feeling a whole new disposition and wishing she feels the same way too.

You will lose the thrill that you once had. You’ll still be friends, best comes to worst, she’ll remember you. But then you’ll start to realize that like how fast you were able to fall in love with her, she was just a transient who will forever be remembered as the girl who first said “Hi” and smiled at you on the first day of class.

2. The Mystical Eyes.

She’s like a door full of undiscovered things you’re so willing to open and get your hands on yet you don’t really have the key. The one that you weirdly have awkward stares with in the lobby, your classmate who sits in the other side of the room, or to sum it all up, the girl who’m you wish you knew.

Every kind of information about her is a treasure! You start asking about her from people hoping that they’d give even just a little clue as to who this woman is. She’s the one that will launch you into a sudden research course.

You will look for her name and that having her Facebook and Twitter account’s names is like earning an A in your major class.

Then, you go for the chase. You feel that you are done concealing behind your routine stalking sessions after class. Finally, one day, you’ll get to socialize with her. May it be due to you forcing yourself to be with her in a class grouping, or pushing a common friend to pretend to introduce her.

You’ll keep stalking her and eventually you will be friends to some “extent”. However, like how great of a mystery she did seem, you then learn the most disappointing truths about her. It’s either she’s a man-hater, in a relationship, or is already flirting with one of the cool boy douchebags in the campus. So there’s just no way she’ll be interested with you. Yes, she’s the one who made you realize that “mystery and truth is bull” when it comes out different from what you expected.

3. The Magikarp That Evolved.

We all know that a Magikarp is like the WORST Pokemon you can ever have. With the lone skill of splash, what could you even expect from it?

Yet, who would ever think that this piece of fish fillet will become a gourmet dish of extravagance! Yes, I’m talking about its evolved form; Gyarados guys!

She’s the girl who went through a “Magikarp-Gyarados” kind of transformation except she didn’t earn that ugly mouth and that she’s really hot this time compared to your freshy years.

Remember the girl you used to talk about with your friends? Nope, not the campus chick but this girl who dresses like a 1980’s hippie. The one who inherited Harry Potter’s glasses, and wear knee socks to school like she’s the granddaughter of Austin Powers. This was the girl you least expected to be attracted to! “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. But, she was not even a choice in the beginning.

You knew ,though, that she was kind, caring, and all but then unlike the other guy, you weren’t just noble enough to choose her beautiful personality over all the other “must haves” in the girl pool! Then after a long summer break, you meet her again, this time you were pretty unsure of who this girl was. Suddenly you realize that she was the Ugly Betty who suddenly became (with no apparent reason at all) the Kate Upton, or the Emma Watson of your campus!

Now, you’re regretting it! If only you had a crystal ball that could have informed you that “nope, Ms. cheerleader isn’t gonna be the fairest of them all”. Now she’s with that lucky guy who had the genuine heart to love her when she was a just a Magikarp. Now he’s on the top of the world because of what his girl has become. Well, sorry man! I guess you just can’t catch ’em all, and we can never really tell who’s a catch until we missed a dime!

4. The Robin We Can Never Have.

If you do watch HIMYM or atleast have and idea of who Robin is, then you would probably know that she’s the kind of girl you’re really in love with.
She’s the one you feel comfortable with. You enjoy spending time even in the most boring of seasons. The girl who seems perfectly fit for who you are and who you will be in the future.

Unfortunately, the truth is that she will never be yours! This might come in a number of reasons, maybe she’s in a strong relationship with someone else, you’re too dumb not to ask her out, or in the worst case YOU’VE BEEN FRIEND-ZONED.


Nonetheless, she seems to be a constant source of inspiration and admiration. She’s genuinely kind to you, and you’re intentionally kind to her!

We all know how you’re willing to sacrifice things for her! Helping her out with her homework, teaching the ever hassle “feeling major” lessons even if it would mean giving up much time for yourself because you know deep inside she’d do the same too!

Of course, every now and then we try to give it a shot! When she’s feeling emphatic, when she’s down but then fate just decides otherwise. Ultimately you’ll realize that not only is the odds against you, but even the evens are!

You’ll love her, you’ll be there for her anytime but you will start to learn that sometimes things are just not meant to be. Then sooner or later you start accepting it but with constant caution that maybe one day, when the winds start to sing and when pigs learn to fly, she will be yours and that maybe just maybe.

5. The One That Got Away.

To make it sound heavier, shes the NBA Championship buzzer-beater you missed! It’s not really painful when you listen to Katy Perry’s song nor is it lasting. The real pain resides in firsthand experience, when you started feeling like everything is now falling into their right places but then for some reason of fate or human error, you screwed it all up!

She’s the lady you fell hardly in love with, and not like the others mentioned above, this one had a special affinity with you. She is one you highly frown upon looking back. She was ethereal, both in your dreams and in reality!

You jived a lot, smiled together, and made each other’s lives colorful. She was the party you wished would never stop. The feeling when being sober was way better than being drunk. You spoke about such beautiful promises, had thoughts of such bizarre and splendid fairy tale’s you’d both want to experience together. All the emphatic emotions boiled down into a dreadful end with you stabbing yourself to death! Except that you continue to live and that the wound is incurable, that it will continue to bleed with every memory that pierces through your tendered heart.

She might as well be the girl you’re willing to find the Dragon Balls for. A girl you’re willing to travel time for just to correct the things and have her in your arms again. However, you will come to realize that things happen for a reason. That there are just people, special people, that we’ve just got to let go like the wind and snow! For you heart aches, tears, suffering, and the turning of your blood into alcohol would all make sense. Remember that for the next time you’ll do things right so you don’t have to say that “she was the one that got away”.

6. The One.

Yup, this is it! The girl we’ve all been waiting for! Well, she’ll make sense of everything you’ve lost. She’ll make you realize that number 5 was just another mile you’d have to take to be worth the perfection this girl will bring!

Nope, I cannot fully describe who this girl will be and I think we should never expect what kind of lady she will be anyway. However, I’m pretty sure all your imperfections together will be perfect. She’s the one you would be willing to fall for again and again. The girl who’d accept you for all that you are and love you despite all the mistakes you made.

She will make you remember all the short comings you’ve had from 1 to 5, and will highly encourage you (even without words spoken) to make no other mistakes again because with her, failure is not an option. You’ll realize that life’s real beauty was never found in the gracious love stories that were told to us, that romanticism lies only in the hearts of a destined two.

For those who think they’ve found her, make sure you hold tight and follow your heart and mind. Make sure to keep her, she’s a keeper too. Don’t worry, for those who have not found her yet (like me and all the late bloomers) just keep calm and be patient! She’s just around the corner. That, like you, is being formed to be ready to partake in a journey towards eternity with the man she’s meant to be with forever.

She will be hard to get, but I tell you that she will be priceless for sure! However do know this, you should treat any other girl as your number 6 because we might never know when the girl who carries the missing piece of our rib might come. Be strong and keep calm for your one and true love is on her way to you.

*Justin Gular is a Psychology Major of the University of San Carlos and is the Prime Minister of the Carolinian Debate Society. Aside from being a debater and an experienced speaker he’s also a literary enthusiast. As a movie lover, reader, and writer he never holds back in expressing himself to people.