7 Controversial Bills That Filipinos Are Itching To Be Passed

FIlipinos will have to wait years just for these bills to be passed.
posted on: Wednesday, September 3, 2014
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As we try to cross the ‘tuwid na daan’ (straight path), lawmakers are trying to file bills that may or may not be relevant to our country.

Relevant ones are supported by the citizens, but they are taking too long to be approved.

Here are some of them:

1. Freedom of Information Bill

This bill has been in the news for too long but PNoy hasn’t acted on it when he said the bill was his priority 4 years ago.


The mandates the disclosure of public documents. That is, every Filipino can request for any non-classified government document such as the SALN of gov’t officials.

Most believe that this bill would at least deter corrupt officials from having their good time, that’s why Filipinos are pushing it to be passed.

2. Faster Internet Bill

You’ve probably heard it on the news about how our internet is the slowest in Southeast Asia.


Well, almost all Filipino netizens were clearly pissed including Senator Ralph Recto that’s why he filed  dubbed as Bilis Konek Act of 2014. The bill mandates Internet Service Providers to increase their minimum internet speed to 3.4 Mbps and provide free WiFi to public areas in the NCR.

Too good to be true? Don’t get your hopes too high, ISPs have their lawyers to oppose it!

3. Half-Rice Bill

This is getting mixed reactions but it sure has gained of the Hotel and Restaurants Association of the Philippines.


According to the Philippine Rice Research Institute, each Filipino wastes as much as 3 kilos of rice every day that is equivalent to P23 million worth of wasted rice daily, amounting to P8 billion every year. I don’t know about the others but I’m sure I don’t eat three kilos of rice everyday.

The bill (Senate Bill 1863 or the Anti-Rice Wastage Act of 2013), proposed by Senator Bongbong Marcos, seeks to punish establishments that refuse to serve half-cup of rice to customers.

The bill doesn’t seem to state if the half-cup rice would cost half the price of a whole cup.

4. Abolish PDAF/DAP Bill

Who doesn’t want it passed? It’s evident that Filipinos oppose PDAF/DAP considering thousands of Filipinos attended the Million People March.


Last year, Senator TG Guingona filed a bill to pork barrel. The Senate Bill 1524 Senate Bill No. 1524, otherwise known as the Bottom Up Budgeting Act of 2013, will allocate the amount intended for PDAF to the different national government agencies.

Would this bill be passed, or another version would surface? Only time will tell.

5. Abolish SK Bill

The SK is a barangay-based youth government created as a training ground for aspiring politicians.


2010 was the last SK election and the next one was scheduled for October 2013 but was postponed until October 2014 or early next year. Lawmakers are calling for SK’s abolition, branding it as a “breeding ground for political dynasties and corruption”.

Some politicians like newcomer Senators Bam Aquino and JV Ejercito , they instead proposed that SK should just be reformed.

6. Divorce Bill

It’s what Gabriela Women’s Party is shouting for.


The group vows to refile House Bill 1799 or “An Act Introducing Divorce in the Philippines”.

Is it really necessary? I’m not married but most reasons are because we already have Legal Separation and Annulment, why not add Divorce?

Anyway, we are the (if you don’t count Vatican since most citizens there are priests and nuns) that doesn’t have a divorce law since the overwhelming power of the Catholic Church still influences lawmakers in the country.

7. Reviving the Death Penalty Law

With all the news about heinous crimes such as riding-in-tandem assassinations and rape-slay, this is the law that most zealous Filipinos are pushing for.


On January 2014, esteemed Senator Tito Sotto filed the , seeking to repeal RA 9346 that prohibits death penalty in the country. President Aquino thumbed down the proposal saying that this is not the only solution to deter crimes.

Which bills do you want to be passed?

Do you think that lawmakers need to pass more relevant bills?