7 Creepy Urban Legends In Cebu That You’ve Probably Heard Of

Aswang, agta or white lady, we’re always fascinated with urban legends.
posted on: Tuesday, October 14, 2014
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We love urban legends – we made them and believe them. It’s a sign of our rich past and we use them to make naughty children stay inside the house for good.

What are some creepy urban legends of Cebu do you know of? Here are some:

1. The Kugtong in General Milling Corp.

The Philippines is surrounded by ocean so it’s no wonder we have scary stories about sea monsters.


Kugtong is a local term for an unusually large grouper or Lapu-Lapu/pugapo fish found in the waters of Cebu island. One popular version is the Kugtong in General Milling Corp. located in, none other than Lapu-Lapu City. This Kugtong is said to be large enough to devour a human being (scary!!!).

Location of General Milling Corp. as a warning

It is said that this fish has mutated (à la Godzilla) because of the biological waste products dumped by the factory in the Opon Channel. According to a resident, this fish looks like an ordinary Lapu-Lapu fish save for its massive size, razor-sharp teeth and scales that can be described as an “armor”.


So the next time you want to swim under the First Bridge, be sure to be vigilant or you’ll end up inside a Kugtong’s stomach.

2. Alyas “Waway”

I hate this for scarring my childhood:


It is said that Warlito Toledo alyas “Waway” was an man convicted of a crime ranging from rape to robbery to murder in the early 2000s. He somehow managed to escape prison (goddamit police!) and now terrorizes villages from Danao to Compostela or virtually anywhere in Cebu. He usually targets the weak, that is, pregnant women and children.


What makes this mythical man bizarre is his habit of spitting saliva on his prey’s slippers. So my tip is to hide yo’ slippers at night, lest Waway targets you.


According to some, the police find him hard to capture because of his anting-anting that gives him the ability to alter his hairstyle (just look at his wanted poster above).

3. The Ghost of Minda Mora

According to the legend, Minda Mora was a student of the University of San Carlos (or a stage actress, details may vary) whose passion was stage performance.


One night, a tragedy struck and she was raped and murdered by several security guards. Her body was then buried within the USC Cultural Center. Rumors and eyewitnesses have it that her spirit still roams the area inside the campus.


What makes it creepier is that there is a mysterious room in the Cultural Center that is constantly locked with no apparent reason. It is said that her vengeful spirit resides there.

4. The Siopao of Colon

The siopao you buy in Colon was said to be made of cat meat (yuck).

kaoko | Flickr

This isn’t really exclusive in Colon because this urban legend is also present in Manila. It is said that there was a scarcity of meat during the World War II so siopao makers opted to slaughter cats which were abundant anywhere in the Philippines to use as a substitute meat. It may be real or not.


One simple explanation of how this urban legend came to be was that there were two siopao vendor rivals who resorted to defame each other instead of improving their own siopao recipe. One bad lie about how bad the other vendor’s siopao became mixed with rumors until people started to believe it and began to use actual cat meat for their siopao recipe.

5. Maria Labo

Maria Labo was rumored to be a vampire whose striking feature was a huge scar on her face.


It is said that she was an OFW who was cursed to become a vampire by the old man she took care of. When she went home in the Visayas, she became deranged and proceeded to murder and cook her two sons. When her husband witnessed what she did, he struck her with a bolo and wounded her face.


Tales of her whereabouts and current identity were received through text messages. You can even have Maria Labo’s number and when you attempt to call her, you would receive a creepy reply. The scariest part is that a large chuck of your Smart load disappears.

6. Manoktok

It’s obvious that you shouldn’t open the door if you don’t know who is knocking.


Manoktok (knockers) were said to be a group of people clad in black hood that knocks your door at night. They were present during the war when fatal diseases were prevalent. These knockers bring bad news on your doorstep – a news of death, usually the eldest child or an ill family member. Soon, people started to paint a white cross on their doors to repel them. The Manoktok then started to target government buildings and hospitals.


After the war has destroyed the majority of houses and buildings of the city, there were no more doors to knock and so the Manoktok disappeared without a trace.

7. Lily

Lily was said to be a witch (or aswang/mangtas) who roams around the areas of Visayas and Mindanao. Her tales of cannibalism and strange rituals has caused mass hysteria among the people, especially the children.


She usually haunts the village at midnight, when the moon shines brightly to prey upon those who stay outside their houses or pregnant women. Eating humans is the source of her ungodly power and when the people grew tired of her non-stop terror, they gathered strength to face her. However, they always fail to capture her because every time the news spread that Lily is in a certain town, she’s already gone by the time the men had lit up their torches.


Other variations of Lily’s identity were a cannibalistic nurse or just a mentally handicapped woman.

What other urban legends do you know? Any details? We might add them in the part 2!