7 Old School Practices Moms Did In The Past

posted on: Sunday, May 11, 2014
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Back in the ancient days during the time of our lolas, they have maternal practices that is no longer done today.

Thanks to modern technology, moms now have significantly different methods in raising their children.

Some mothers still do these things today though rarely.

Let’s see how these old school moms compare with today’s moms:

7. Their air conditioning unit is this


Abaniko, the human-powered fan. When your house doesn’t have aircon or at least an electric fan, abanikos are much well sought during the hot season or when attending mass. Old school moms use this especially during bed time to cool their babies if electric fan isn’t available.

6. They wear duster

themommymovement.wordpress.com, posted by Ria Santos Natividad

Duster is easy to put on and it’s more comfortable back in the times when homes don’t have an air conditioning unit.

Yeah, old school mothers might look awesome wearing this dress, but it’s more practical, cheap and fits in this country where temperature reaches 35 degrees.

5. They are more superstitious


If you’ve been raised by an old school mother, I’m sure you can tell me many superstitious beliefs she has told you.

Whether it’s about not going outside past it’s 6 in the evening or not trimming your fingernails at night, superstitions are a tradition that’s no longer passed by moms of today since modern society promotes a more rational thinking.

When’s the last time you “bless” your mother’s hand?

4. They give birth at home

AFP Photo / Jason Gutierrez

Yes, they’ve delivered the anguish of childbirth at home.

Just call the nearest midwife and all is set. They don’t even have a prenatal checkup.

Today, moms are now safer at the hands of professionals to deliver their baby.

Time’s changed, and it’s for the good. Let’s just remember how painful it is to give birth at home with no anesthetics at all.

Mothers of the past have endured pain and endangered their lives more.

3. They are hands-on moms


Since moms in the past usually just stay and work at home, they spend more time being hands-on moms. They cook breakfast themselves, clean the house and bond with their children more.

Today, it’s common to see working moms, spending more time in the office than at home and with their children and they just hire a maid to clean the house.

Can we say  that life is harder today that moms are forced to work alongside with dads? How about the amount of time bonding with children?

2. Cloth as baby’s diaper


Back in the days when disposable diapers were still not popular, old school moms used cloth as a diaper. Just cover the baby’s delicate genitals and butt with a piece of cloth, lock it with safety pin and the baby’s ready to poop!

Think of the old days when mothers used to wash poop-stained cloths… they don’t have to buy those expensive and disposable lampins, cloth is free and reusable!

1. They breastfeed more


Consumerism is more widespread today than in the past – it’s easy to go to the shopping mall and buy what you want.

Powdered milk is so well-advertised that it’s become the norm to feed your baby with powdered milk until they grow up.

Old school moms were breastfeeding their babies. It’s healthier to the baby and costs nothing at all.

Now, breastfeeding campaigns are pushed, let’s just hope more moms start to breastfeed their babies than just feeding them with milk formula.

There’s no better mom than our own mother whether she is an old school mum or new.

They know better than us in raising children.

Let’s share our experiences with our moms by leaving a comment below.