#Throwback: 7 Comparisons Of Pinoy Kids’ Pastime Then And Now

Which is more enjoyable?
posted on: Thursday, November 20, 2014
Kevin Maglinte
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If you are a 90’s kid like me, then I’m sure you had an awesome childhood. Well, time has changed so all we could do is reminisce. Hayz!

Let’s compare what kids these days enjoy that are closest to what we had in the past.

1. Tetris

revealillusions.wordpress.com | hackersworkshops.blogspot.com

Then: Brick games and Family Computer! There’s not a better pastime than this!

Now: You can play Tetris on Facebook!


2. Playing with projectiles… I’m out of words!

www.socaltrailriders.org | Rovio

Then: Slingshot or tirador. I used to injure myself trying to compete with my cousins!

Now: Angry Birds! Well, this game’s kinda challenging as well!


3. Coloring pictures…

www.thriftyfun.com | www.geek.com

Then: Coloring Books! I still have my Hercules and Beetlejuice coloring books!

Now: Just download some coloring apps in your tablet and your done!


4. Playing music on a portable device…

cassette-to-cd.baktrack.com | verizonwireless.com

Then: Walkman with cassette tape! One inconvenience is it’s sheer size.

Now: iPad and smartphones! Now you can put it in your pocket!


5. Shooting games

istorya.net | dailymail.co.uk

Then: Luthang FTW! Just wait for our upcoming video!

Now: Now there’s video games where you can play GTA, Call of Duty and Battlefield for pastime!


6. What about these spinning toys?

Kami ang Batang 90s fb page | anandtech.com

Then: Kasing or top. I tried practicing the trick of spinning the top on my hand but failed. XD

Now: I’ve played beyblade too during pastimes!


7. Flying toys…

bicolpulse.com | aliexpress.com

Then: I used to play kites when there were a vast grassfield in our backyard.

Now: Remote controlled planes and helicopters… they’re fun to play too!

Well, for me, both of these things are equally enjoyable!