7 Powerful Quotes From The Speakers Of The Very First TEDx In The Visayas: TEDx University Of San Carlos

You may or may not agree, but their advocacies will definitely change the present as well as the future.
posted on: Friday, August 22, 2014
Rodel Montebon
Katkat, katkats everywhere.

The very first TEDx in the Visayas was held at the University Of San Carlos, Talamban Campus, Cebu.

For the sake of those who do not know what TEDx is, it is “a program created in the spirit of TED’s mission: sharing ideas worth spreading“.

It is the gathering of local creative people in a single room where they share their ideas and passion, hopeful that they could inspire and spur change in their community, and in the world.

TEDx usc

Anyway, here are some of the powerful words worth pondering from the seven speakers.

1. Nestor Archival

Nestor Archval

Mr. Archival built the Archival EcoHouse, the only one of its kind here in the country. He calls it as a house close to nature.

His advocacy is to save energy to save the environment.

2. Buck Sia

buck sia

USC’s very own Buck Richnold Sia pushes others to follow their passion no matter what.

3. Jenny Elmaco

Jenny elmaco

Jenny Elmaco’s advocacy is about the strength of women being equal to men, that women can do what men can do.

4. Gordon Joseph

gordon joseph

Gordon Joseph promotes Mega Cebu, a Cebu where the locals enjoy an ideal place in the future.

Check out the Cebu we’ve all been dreaming of

5. Miguel Garcia

Miguel Garcia

He talks about uncovering the unknown, that we should take risks with care.

6. Chad Manzo

Chad Manzo

This guy is a rebel. He makes you ask, “why be sheep when you can be the wolf?”

7. Insoy Niñal

Insoy Niñal

We all know who Insoy is. The vocalist of BisRock band Missing Filemon promotes the Cebuano language through music.

The theme of the TEDx University of San Carlos is called the Butterfly Effect. In simple terms, the butterfly effect is doing something small but which will have a great effect elsewhere.

True, because this very first TEDx is anticipating a large effect not just in Cebu, but in whole Philippines.

Catch the TEDx University of San Carlos here: