7 Things Men Wish Jessy Mendiola Would Do To Them

Who on Earth wouldn’t fall for Jessy Mendiola?!
posted on: Wednesday, December 4, 2013
Kevin Maglinte
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What can I say? For me, Jessy Mendiola  is–hands down–the sweetest and the hottest girl that existed!

And like me, you probably dreamed about Jessy Mendiola every night after you’ve watched Maria Mercedes.

So here are things I think men wish Jessy Mendiola would do to them–with the emphasis on “wish” because let’s face it, only in our wildest dreams could we meet Jessy one-on-one!

1. Look at you with those seductive looking eyes!

2. Laugh at your jokes in that specially cute way!

3. Shake her fries!

4. Go on a date with you!

5. Note: Caption removed by the editor.

6. At the very least share a table with you!

7. Play video games and make sure she leans on you if zombies are gonna attack!

What can you add to the list, mi amigos?