7 Things That Make The Philippines A Nation Of Hypocrites

Agree or disagree, I have a point.
posted on: Thursday, December 18, 2014
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Reading about anti-Filipino blog sites, they always make it seem like our country is a nation of hypocrites – people who believe in some moral virtues but act the other way around.

Are they right? In some cases, maybe. Like these:

1. Being a half-Filipino, you either get praised or criticized

One infamous instance is this clothing brand’s which was criticized by Filipino netizens:

TANGINA THIS facebook page

They say this ad insults the Filipino race by mixing and matching it with other races? But when a Mexican-American-Pinay placed second in The American Idol, everyone dropped their panties. #ImProudofyouJessicaSanchez!

Anyway, the ad might be true! That’s why Azkals have so many half-breeds!


2. The Catholic Church and the Bilibid prisoners’ massive wealth


 once said, “It hurts my eyes when I see a priest with the latest model car. If you like the fancy one, just think about how many children are dying of hunger in the world.” Meanwhile the wealthy Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines has of pesos invested in BPI, San Miguel, Ayala and among others.

Why did I include the Bilibid prisoners? They’re supposed to suffer for their crimes but look at them! Or maybe I’m just envious…


3. Getting tired of traditional politicians but still vote them anyways


Rallies here, protests there, but in the end, it doesn’t even matter ’cause Gloria still won.

Now if Binay wins the Presidency this 2016…

4. Condemning homosexuals but still watch Vice Ganda’s movies anyways

I often read comments in social media condemning homosexuals such as when Aiza and her partner Liza got married.


Let them be happy! Say NO to discrimination!


Meanwhile, Vice Ganda’s movies are dominating the box office with ‘Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy’ being the highest grossing local film in the Philippines, ‘The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin’ placing 6th and ‘This Guy’s In Love With U Mare!’ placing 11th.


5. Panatang Makabayan? Speaking in ‘dialect’ is not allowed!


We’ve always recited this in the 12+ years we’ve been in school. I don’t think we’re patriotic enough, just look at how schools discourage the students in speaking their own native language! What about calling Cebuano a ‘dialect?’ Now I’m mad that I can’t write this in Cebuano.

What about our local brands! Tangkilikin ang sariling atin! Buy Hapee not Colgate!


6. Persona non grata: we offend others but they should never offend us.

Offending is one way. We easily find ways to offend other races like when Iran defeated Gilas Pilipinas:

grabbed from Facebook

Just look at the scathing remarks received by Iranians. Now I’m ashamed with my countryman. On the other news, if some other say something against the Filipinos, they are easily declared persona non grata, like when actress Claire Danes said that Manila smelled like cockroaches…


7. Religion vs Death Penalty and other ‘sins’

This has been a long-standing debate in the Majongan and Facebook. Are you in favor of death penalty?

Another question: Do you believe in the Bible?

I’m not an expert but Death Penalty and the Bible’s teachings kinda contradict with each other. Let’s add other ‘sins’ such as Divorce, RH Bill and Premarital Sex. So I’ll be blunt – YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE!

Or maybe you’re just ignorant about the Bible, just like many of us.

Our beliefs might be conflicted with each other, so always ‘Think before you click’.