A Dad’s Gotta Do What A Dad’s Gotta Do. He’s Not An ‘Erpat’ For Nothing.

If you are wondering what ERPAT is, you are not alone.
posted on: Monday, March 10, 2014

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If you are wondering what ERPAT is, you are not alone.


In this context, ERPAT means Enhanced Empowerment and Reaffirmation of Paternal Abilities and it was a training that was recently conducted by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). The objective of the training was to strengthen the duties and responsibilities of fathers in the survival, development and protection of children.


According to Rosemarie Salazar, social worker, the training was part of the continuing enhancement of the ERPAT program, which was based from numerous recommendations from the workshops of United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). The project was reviewed in 2008.


“It recommended the inclusion of gender sensitivity session in the manual as well as Men Opposed to VAW Everywhere specifically on the Advocacy and Social Mobilization Component, thus, strengthening men’s participation in the practice of non-violent conflict resolution, gender equality and improve performance in parenting,” Salazar shared.

The enhanced program consists of nine modules.

  1. Understanding Myself as a Person
  2. Accepting Your Role as a Father
  3. Becoming Your Wife’s Best Friend
  4. Fathers as Child Caregivers
  5. Promoting Family Spirituality
  6. Fathers as Advocate in the Prevention of Family Violence
  7. Fathers as Advocate in Promoting a Drug-Free Home
  8. Fathers as Advocate in the Prevention of HIV-AIDS
  9. Fathers as Advocate in Promoting Positive Discipline.

A three day event was organized recently and was attended by thirty service providers from various local government units. The attendees will be sharing what they’ve learned to their beneficiaries.

Social Worker Mr. Benjamin Baruc shared his knowlege to the participants of ERPAT Roll-out Training. (Image by DSWD)

“This enhancement is just a testimony that DSWD is serious in advocating ERPAT among couples. We would like to impart to fathers and mothers the importance of creating a nurturing, trusting and empowering relationship among them and being positive role models for their children,” Salazar concluded.