She Thought The Guy Was Ignoring Her. The Ending Is So Romantic.

This video will make you say awww!
posted on: Wednesday, September 3, 2014
Kevin Maglinte
My Good Man, this heathen calls himself "Magz" as if his own name wasn't good enough. He claims to own these titles "Web Developer Baller" and a "Social Media Ho". It appears that this ruffian has also a talent in digital art.
Digital Bachelor

“Everybody wants to be loved.
Everybody wants to be in love
but do they believe they’ll find love?


I think I watched this for like the fourth time. Why? Because damn, the soundtrack and the story are so beautiful and the ending was obviously romantic… Ooops, I said too much!

I think I should shut my mouth and stop spoiling you guys! So here you go!

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