Alcoholic Pinoys: Why Do We Love To Drink?

From tuba to Red Horse, we just can’t get enough of alcohol.
posted on: Saturday, June 21, 2014
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Tagay ta bai!

“Tagay ta!”

“Sorry, I don’t drink.”

Filipinos love drinking.

As I walk around the neighborhood, there are people sitting outside their houses, having their drinking spree and talking loud like they’re the only people in the world.

As if these people have a decent job. Most of them are still in school.

Do note this is from the perspective of a non-drinker.

alcoholic pinoy

Alcohol doesn’t have any benefit whatsoever aside from hangover and getting yourself killed when you drive home drunk. Sometimes you even wake up in a place where you’ve never been before. Seriously, it’s annoying to those who don’t drink.

When you drink, do you feel better when you sober up?

Is your wife no longer ugly after you drink?

Does the tax you pay for the drink goes back to the Filipino people instead of Napoles?

Sometimes when people drink, especially in the case of a woman, the outcome might not be a welcome one. She wakes up not remembering who had a one night stand with her. Disclaimer: I only see this kind of situation on TV. But it looks like it happens in real life as well.

It’s just sad when the ones getting rich are those who own a liquor named after an angel called Miguel. The government should further increase the sin tax on alcohol. Increase the price like 200%. In that way, less minors and jobless people could afford to drink liquor.

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Why do Filipinos love to drink?

The Philippines is third biggest alcohol consumer after South Korea and Russia according to .

It’s no wonder why most policemen appears to have a pregnant belly (but according to PNP’s twitter, it’s just stress).

Well, Filipinos are very social.

Tagay session is a good way to bond with your friends and acquaintances and your boss. I just don’t get it why Pinoys have to go to a bar to bond. Why don’t they just go to a fancy restaurant and eat? It would be awkward if you get drunk and your boss will be the one to take you home.

Another reason is that Pinoys have a lot of free time, especially the poor which makes up the majority of the population. They don’t have the luxury that the rich kids have like watching cable in their big-ass flat TV or going to the gym to ogle at yoga pants clad women to pass their time. The lower class only have their neighbors to mingle with.

And thus, they tend to flock in the nearest sari-sari store and drink their favorite Kulafu.

But one of the most annoying reason is that drinking alcohol is a proof of manliness.

Why the flying pig would you consider drinking as “manly”?

Does getting drunk and lying on the ground unconscious look manly?

Does having a bloated belly from excessive drinking look manly? Does puking look manly? I don’t think so.

A friend in need is a friend indeed

The only good thing about having friends who are drinkers is that you’ve got free sumsuman and philosophical advice from them when they’re intoxicated. Usually, their advice is actually profound and enlightening.

Their tagay session even gets better if you are the owner of the sari-sari store. Much profit means having to eat three times a day!

Whatever the reasons are I still couldn’t wrap my head around why Filipinos love drinking.

I’m conscious about my health and appearance (in reality, I don’t have enough money for that vice).

As always, drink responsibly.