Be Aware: You Are Friendzoned!

These could be happening to you right now!
posted on: Friday, December 27, 2013
Kevin Maglinte
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What is friendzoned? If you have a girl friend (take note of the space) whom you fancy and it’s only you who thinks that there is something special about your relationship, then this article is rightfully for you! But if  do not have any relationship with anyone whatsoever, then you should still carry on. You will probably want to know these things, anyway!

You see, girls can be complicated creatures. You may think that you know them but you’re actually wrong. The worst part of them all is that this could happen to you!

Worst feeling in the world: Your girl friend rejecting your wedding proposal then tells you that you were never in a relationship.

Before you plan out those perfect words, make sure that the words you planned out is for the right girl. So here are some non obvious signs that you might be in the infinite plane of friendzone!

1. You are called Beh instead of Bhe. Terms like Beh and Bhe may sound the same, but they are different things, as shown by this video.

Beh – short for best friend

2. She gives emphasis on “special friend” and you insist on something else. Of course, you won’t really notice it until it’s all over. You assumed too much, that’s why!


3. She says I wuv you instead of I love you. There is a reason why she say that, not because she wants to be cute. You’re just friends. Get it?


4. When this happens!

So here is the full web series of Ramon Baustista.

How about you, at what stage are you now? Have you been just friendzoned?