10 Favorite Expressions of Bisdaks (Part 2)

Cebuanos or Bisdaks have a lot of colorful expressions used in everyday conversation.
posted on: Tuesday, September 23, 2014
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How Bisdak (Bisayang Dako) are you? Well, if your Bisaya (like me) then you must have said these expressions every once in a while!

1. Hubagang ate uy!!

Hubag means swell. This expression is said when you notice a hot chick.

Don’t say this expression directly to a girl, you might get a slap, buddy.

2. Wa ka KUYAPI?

You ask this when your definitely-not-hot friend wants to hook up with a hot chick.

“Wa ka kuyapi?” means “Are you out of your mind?”.

3. Kayasa!!

A word used to express either amazement or frustration, like when your definitely-not-hot friend managed to hook up with beautiful chicks.

A more lewd version can be expressed by replacing S with T. I’ll just leave it to you guys!

4. Nganong ni-enter!!

Your parents would tell you this to make you feel guilty over something you did that was pleasurable.


You’re calling someone a demon when you say this. This is worse than calling someone, “ANIMAL KA!!”

6. Yati/Yamat ra!!

This is used to indirectly express disbelief, especially when someone claims to have gone on a sexy escapade.

7. Ilara duts!!

Another expression of disbelief. “Ilara duts” is more direct than “Yati ra!”

8. Loslos nimo!!

This expression has many uses, like when you ask your younger brother to clean the house but he has an excuse not to do it, you tell this to him. If he still doesn’t do the task, you can go physical.

9. Chuya!!

This expression is said when you witness something amazing, something incredible, like when David Blaine went here in the Philippines and did magic tricks in front of live audience.

10. Bogo.

One of the most used expression. Bogo means idiot and it can apply to anyone you hate, especially to your boss at work or your teacher who always gives a lot of assignments.

Any more expressions to add? Just comment below and we’ll put it in part 3!