VECO Cebu restored power in many areas

posted on: Saturday, November 9, 2013

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As of 8 PM of November 8, 2013, Visayan Electric Company or VECO has already restored power in some areas.

  • Quiot
  • Poblacion-Pardo
  • South Road Properties
  • Portion of Punta Prinsesa
  • Portion of Kinasang-an
  • Portion of Bulacao
  • Portion of Candulawan
  • Portion of Cebu Business PArk in Mabolo
  • Kasambagan
  • Portion of IT Park
  • Portion of Gov. M. Cuenco Ave.
  • Portion of Basak-Pardo
  • Portion of Basak-Mambaling
  • Portion of Toong
  • Portion of Duljo Fatima
  • Portion of Colon
  • Portion of Tulay
  • Portion of Poblacion
  • Portion of Tiber
  • Portion of Pakigne
  • Portion of Vito
  • Portion of Tubod
  • Portion of Banilad
  • Portion of Apas
  • Portion of Casuntingan
  • Portion of Calamba
  • Portion of Ermita
  • Portion of Carreta

Earlier today, the Cebu-Negros-Panay or CNP grid experienced a blackout on 3 PM.

If you want to report power outage in your area, text ASKVECO OUTAGE <VECO Account ID> or ASKVECO OUTAGE <Complete Address> and send that SMS to 391-8326 for Smart.

Image courtesy of Visayas Electric Co.

In order for VECO to locate you faster, you can take in handy your Account ID and Pole Number.

Image courtesy of Visayas Electric Co.

VECO also stated that areas where power was restored may experience power outage again because their supply of power is still unstable.