10 Cebu-based Civilian Groups Organize Relief Efforts

posted on: Tuesday, November 19, 2013

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After the super typhoon Yolanda left so much destruction to the victims in the Visayas, many civilian groups thought of ways of pooling in money and other resources in order to address the most basic needs of typhoon victims. Let’s take a look at some of the groups who already made some action.

1. PH Adiks and ARC Run Club extended their helping hand to the people of Bogo and Medellin.

These were the kids who enjoyed the feeding program of the group. (Image courtesy of )

2. Jweeny Garcia and her team was able to receive generous amounts of donations, which they used to purchase goods for their relief operations.

The group was able to make 272 bags of relief goods! (Image courtesy of )

3. Dr. Herbert Ryan Cruz and his colleagues were aware that many children were left hungry because of the super typhoon, so they decided to initiate a feeding program.

Dr. Cruz’s group made sure that the children, the hope of the Fatherland, was fed and nourished. (Image courtesy of )

4. Team Bigring, a Cebu-based cycling team, went to Bogo yesterday and used their bikes to bring relief goods to areas where regular vehicles cannot reach.

The bikers in action. (Image courtesy of )

5. Local bands in Cebu united for a common cause and organized a concert that will aid the victims of the super typhoon.

People who attended the concert enjoyed a dose of ska while helping their brothers and sisters in need. (Image courtesy of )

6. Lumad Sugbo endured a very challenging day at Bantayan Island yesterday and gave the people in three barangays food, water, and some medicines.

Lumad Sugbo reached out to the people of Bantayan Island. (Image courtesy of )

7. Photographers like Herbert Kikoy and his group initiated Shoot For A Cause, proceeds of which will benefit the victims of typhoon Yolanda.

Click, shoot, and help! (Image courtesy of )

8. Volunteer in Cebu is a group of friends who were able to help five barangays or more than 2150 families with their Phase 1 relief operations.

Image courtesy of

9. Chyrel Gomez and her friends prepared numerous bags of relief goods for Bantayan Island.

These bags will benefit the people of Bantayan Island. (Image courtesy of )

10. Stephanie Porter Letrondo, together with her family, went around Sta. Fe in Bantayan Island and gave out countless relief goods.

The people of Sta. Fe were showered with blessings! (Image courtesy of Stephanie Porter Letrondo)